Wednesday, March 28, 2007

2nd International Digital Cartoon Competition

Rules and Regulations
1. Administration - SICAF International Digital Cartoon Competition is administrated by Seoul Animation Center and managed by SICAF(Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Organizing Committee) with the support of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
2. Purpose - SICAF International Digital Cartoon Competition aims to present the digital cartoon as a new mode of creating and enjoying cartoon and comics, and to discover and support promising digital cartoon/comic creators.
3. Qualification for Entry - Entering works should be artworks which were created within the characteristics of cartoon/comics, and can be viewed by digital techniquesThe entrant should be the copyright holder of the artwork. Only original, unpublished works without any award-winning or competition selection history and any commercially used history will be accepted. Works which have entered previous SICAF Digital Cartoon Competition cannot enter.
4. Theme and Official Language - There is no specific theme designated by the organizing committee. The official language of the competition is English and Korean.
5. Entry Category - A - Comics: Works created with complete narrative structure and including conclusion of the story B - Cartoon: Works composed of one frame or more.
6. Technical Requirements - A Works should be entered with an appropriate format to the mode of expression chosen by the creator. The format can be selected among the Internet, mobile, or other digital media.B - Both black-and-white and color works can enter.C - There is no limitation about the number of frames or pages. (But, Under 50MB recommended).D - If the artworks are not in either .jpg or .gif format, the entrant must specify the viewer software or tool which can open the file. When any specific viewer software is required, the software should be submitted with the artworks.E - The resolution of the artwork should be 150 dpi or higher.F - If the works contain texts in languages other than the official Language (English or Korean), English translation should be submitted with the artworks.
7. Registration and Receipts - A - No registration fee is required B - An entrant can register on Multi section. C - Entry Deadline: Entry forms and all the materials for the selection much reach to the festival office no later than March 30, 2007. Works received after this date cannot be accepted for the selection. D - Each entrant is under strict obligation to enclose:- Entry Form: One entry form is required for each work. Only completed and signed entry forms will be accepted- Creator's photo or caricature- 3 digital color images representing the work. (min. 6cm×8cm, 300 dpi or higher)- Text or dialogue list in English: If the entrants fail to submit English texts or dialogues, the selection consideration will be done depending only on the artworks. Texts and dialogues will not put into consideration.E - All the materials for the selection should be sent by e-mail to
or registered on-line. Offline submission is not allowed. For any questions, contact: Tel: 82-2-3455-8405 Fax: 82-2-3455-8422 Official Website: www.sicaf.orgF - On-Line Registration- On-line registration is available by uploading the materials on SICAF's official website. Each entrant shouldn use the ID and the password designated in the instructions available at the SICAF's official website- All the materials including a filled-in entry form, artwork, creator's photo/caricature, image files, and English texts should be compressed in a .zip file, saved as "creator's"- Modification of information can be asked by e-mail, Any request for modification should be made only on and before the entry deadline. Modification after the deadline is not allowed.
8. Awards - Grand Prize 1 - 10,000,000 KRWGold Prize 1 - 5,000,000 KRWSilver Prize 2 - 3,000,000 KRW eachBronze Prize 3 - 2,000,000 KRW eachSpecial Prize 2 - 1,000,000 KRW eachNetizen's Choice 1 - 1,000,000 KRWGenre Special Distinction 10 - 500,000 KRW each* All the awards winners will be selected without any consideration of the entering category. * 1 USD=1,000KRW approximately. The foreign exchange rate is subject to change.
9. Selection Process- Pre-Selection: April 2, 2007~ April 6, 2007- On-Line Exhibition of Selected Works and On-line Voting: April 16, 2007 ~ May 13, 2007- Final Selection: May 14, 2007 ~ May 15, 2007- Announcement of Prize Winners: May 16, 2007 (Winners will be contacted in person)- Exhibition: May 23, 2007 ~ May 27, 2007, SICAF Exhibition Venue- Award Ceremony: May 27, 2007
10. Pre-Selection- The selection committees are responsible for choosing works to advance to the final competition.- The members of the selection committee, all of whom must be cartoon/comics professionals, will be appointed by the Chairman of SICAF.- None of the members must be, in any way, involved in the production or distribution of works submitted for selection. The committee members will elect a president at their first meeting.- The selection result will be announced no later than April 9, 2007 on the SICAF official website( by SICAF e-mail newsletter.- To withdraw a submitted work, a written request should be sent to the SICAF Organizing Committee by March 24. No request for the withdrawal after that day will be accepted.
11. Final Selection - The final selection will be conducted from May 14 to 15, 2007, and the International Jury is responsible to decide the award-winning works.- During the final selection, the selected will be accessible on the SICAF official website and SICAF's official partner websites. On-line voting will be open to general public during the period.- The International Jury members, all of whom must be cartoon/comics professionals, will be appointed by the Chairman or SICAF, and will be made public no later than March 26, 2007 on the SICAF official website.- The jury will be made up of 40% of foreign personalities, and no jury member must be, in any way, involved in the production or distribution of works presented in competition.- The decision of the International Jury will be considered final, and no questions regarding the decisions will be accepted.
12. Exclusion on selection and Annulment of Award Decision - * An entry will not be considered for selection when:A - The entry form is not completed and the entrant's information is not clearly writtenB - What is written in the entry form is different from what really is.C - The entrant is not the copyright holder of the work* Award-winning decision will be annulled when:A - The entrant is not the copyright holder of the workB - The winning work has been awarded or selected at any previous competitionC - The winning work is found to be a plagiarism of, or closely similar to other works
13. Translation - The SICAF Organizing Committee will make Korean translations of non-Korean works selected for the final competition. It will bear all expenses of translation only if the festival office receives the complete English text of the dialogue and commentary. The Korean translation will remain the property of SICAF. Korean translation will be exhibited with the artwork during the festival period.- Non-English texts should be translated in English by the entrants themselves, at their own expense.
14. Invitation - The conditions for covering costs for award-winning creators are as following.Grand Prize / Gold Prize / Silver Prize / Bronze Prize / Jury Special Prize / Netizen's Choice- Festival accreditation- Accommodation and meal allowance * The invitation is not transferable under any circumstances* Flight expense, accommodation, and meal allowances are provided only to the winner whose residence is out of Seoul Metropolitan Area. If a work is produced by 2 of more creators, only one of the creators will be entitled to the hospitality.
15. Promotional Use - All the works selected for the final competition can be exhibited at the SICAF exhibition venue. For promotion purpose, the works will be presented in all the official catalogues and pamphlets published by the SICAF Organizing Committee and on the Internet. All the rights related to the works will be abided by.- After the closing of the festival, the SICAF Organizing Committee is granted the right to reproduce award winning works and selected works for promotion purpose. The SICAF Organizing Committee obtains a non-exclusive right to use the works without any further contract with the entrants.- For the promotional use, the entrants may be requested to provide artworks with higher-definition.- Award-winning works can be serialized on digital media. On the agreement of creators, award-winning works can be published in a compilation titled "SICAF Digital Cartoon Competition Winners."- Any other proposed use outside of the Festival will be referred by the SICAF Organizing Committee to the entrants for direct negotiation.
16. Other- Each entrant should hold all the right license and permission to use the materials and softwares used to create the entering work, including graphic software packages for creating artworks.- All the materials submitted for selection will not be returned.- Matters not mentioned in these regulations will be decided by the SICAF Organizing Committee- By submitting the entry form for SICAF 2007 International Digital Cartoon Competition, the entrant accepts, without reservation, the terms of the present regulations as stated in this.For further


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