Wednesday, May 02, 2007

12th Salon Mercosur Internationall Diogenes Taborda 2007

Can participate: painters, photographers, sculptors, printers, humorists, etc.
Theme: free
Format: 0,40cm x 0,30cm. only on paper, cardboard, cloth.
Jury: Integrated by critics of art residing in Mercosur.
Address: the art will be personally presented or sent in a sealed envelope (no framing, not paspartu) to:Volpe Stessens Cultural Foundation, Caseros 2739, CP1246, Buenos Aires, Argentina, until august the first 2007.
Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and one mention will be awarded in the following categories: Graphic humor/illustration/painting/digital art/popular naïf art/drawing/photography (monochrome or color up to 6 per artist).
10 works of art: 10 paintings from great masters of painting from Mercosur will be awarded valuated in 5000 US dollars.
Cost : 50 US$ to name of the "Fundación Cultural Volpe Stessens", corrent acount No. 012-009379-9 of the "Banco Frances" - Buenos Aires - Sucursal Parque Patricios


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