Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Africa: No Opportunities, Continent of Crises or Renaissance

The German magazine on development issues „eins Entwicklungspolitik“ is organising its second global cartoon contest.
The image of Africa, as portrayed by experts, has undergone a recent change. In connection with the G8 summit at Heiligendamm, a new „Africa on the rise“ has been praised. In Africa, an African Renaissance has been proclaimed for some time, which has inspired us to organise our second global cartoon contest on „Africa“:
Africa: No Opportunities, Continent of Crises or Renaissance.
We would like to invite you to not only participate in this year’s contest yourself, but to also inform your colleagues of the contest. You may publish information on the contest in your websites, portals, newsletters and/or publications and pass them on to other cartoonists you know.
For further information on the contest and on the conditions of participation, please check out the contest website: www.entwicklungspolitk.org
In view of all the communication we expect following this global invitation, we would like to ask you to carefully read all the information attached, so as to avoid avoidable queries. For remaining questions, contact Juergen Weber at dwjn_jw@rediffmail.com
Please help us by communicating in English.
Looking forward to your creative cartoons,
Yours faithfully,Dr. Konrad Melchers, Chefredakteur, Zeitschrift „eins Entwicklungspolitik“Juergen Weber, Project Managereins Entwicklungspolitik
Emil-von-Behring Strasse 3D – 60439 Frankfurt am Main GERMANYE
Mail: eins@entwicklungspolitik.org
Internet: www.entwicklungspolitk.org
Juergen WeberProject ManagerSandgasse 40D - 63065 Offenbach GERMANYE
Mail: dwjn_jw@rediffmail.com
Internet: www.cartoon-competition.org


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