Sunday, August 16, 2009

UMO-5th International Cartoon Contest'09

UMO is happy to announce the competitions for the year 2009 and is also thankful for the numerous participation for the past years.
Expecting the same for this continuous year and wishing you all the best for your participation.
UsabilityMatters.Org - International Cartoon Contest09
The UMO-5th International Cartoon Contest'09 is organized by UMO towards the World Usability Day2009. Participation is open to all cartoonists from every country in the world.Theme for the Competition:
So tweet earth - toon tweeting for sustainabilit

UsabilityMatters.Org -Boycott Bad-Design Contest09UMO is holding this competition for identifying Bad-Designs as part of our activities towards the World Usability Day-2009.Participation is open to everybody from every country in the world, and from any background- designers and design sensitive consumers!Theme for the Competition:So tweet earth - rethink, refresh and recycle ideas for a sustainable world

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Thanks & Regards,Kaladhar BapuTeam UMO
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