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On the 15th of June, 1410, a battle took place near the village of Grunwald between the Polish-Lithuanian army led by Władysław Jagiełło and the army of the Teutonic Knights. Its course and outcome had a very strong impact on the formation of Europe in the centuries that followed. In July 2010, the 600th anniversary of that battle is celebrated. We invite all the European artists, who make caricatures professionally or as amateurs, to take part in a competition aimed at making a satirical work , which refers to the battle of Grunwald in a humorous manner. Looking at historical events from 600 years ago in a humorous way might help in discovering numerous modern references to the problems of people who live in contemporary Europe. We invite you to explore medieval history in all its aspects, from militaria to morals and more.

CHEERFUL GRUNWALD (GRUNWALD NA WESOŁO) - or the battle of Grunwald 600 years later

European satire and humor contest CHEERFUL GRUNWALD is open for all artists from Europe, who make caricatures professionally or as amateurs, as well as for art school students (high schools and colleges/universities).
Objects of the contest are satirical or humorous drawings, photographs and other designs in any technique, with the following (original work) dimensions: min. A4 (210 x 297 mm), max. A3 (420 x 297 mm), made on good quality paper, without the passe-partout. Photocopies of works that were made manually and works submitted to other contests will not be accepted. Photographs and digitally created works will be accepted, provided that if they qualify for the second stage (sending originals), they need to be marked as nr 1/1 and signed by the author. Each author may submit up to 3 works.


Stage 1: - till 10.05.2010
Works should be sent in digital format to as JPG files no larger than 500 kb. The following information should be sent along with the file: title of the work, size of the original, technique used, author's personal details, traditional and electronic mail addresses, phone number.
By May 15th, 2010, the jury will choose works that qualify for stage 2.

Stage 2: - till 30.05.2010
Authors send originals of their works along with a CD containing its scan in A4 format, 300dpi resolution, RGB color profile, jpg file.
Also, separate files should be included with author's photograph and a short biographical note (photo - jpg format, biography - doc format).
The whole package should be sent to:
Darek Labedzki, ul. Mazurska 15 , 60- 433 Poznan, (POLSKA – POLAND)
with additional note "GRUNWALD NA WESOLO"

By June 6th, 2010, the jury will select the winners based on sent originals. Jury's verdict will be published on, as well as

A special jury appointed by the organizers of the contest will choose works for the exhibition. The jury will include representatives from artistic circles, as well as middle ages experts.

The jury shall grant following statutory prizes:

CHEERFUL GRUNWALD GRAND PRIX- 2 Grunwald swords and money prize of 2500 PLN

2nd place
- money prize of 2000 PLN

3rd place
- money prize of 1500 PLN

In addition, special prizes endowed by sponsors will be granted.Jury has the right to divide statutory prizes, change their amounts or refuse to grant them. Jury's decisions are conclusive. Winners shall be informed about the results personally. Protocol shall be published after June 10th on

Prize is subject to taxation in accordance with Polish law. Money prize shall be handed to foreign authors if they participate in the opening of the exhibition, come and collect the prize by December 15th, 2010, or give the organizers instructions to transfer money to a specified account and in currency specified by the author.

Authors whose works qualify for the exhibition shall receive a free catalog, they will also have their own place in the catalog.
The organizers guarantee the winners free participation in the CHEERFUL GRUNWALD event July 15th 2010.
Works submitted for the contest become a property of the organizers and after the end of the contest, they will be exhibited home and abroad as original works or high quality prints made at the expense of the organizers. Such prints will not be sent to the authors after the round of exhibitions in finished.

Authors who submitted their works grant (without any compensation) the organizers the right to exhibit and use their works in every respect for advertisement purposes, as well as to copy and circulate them in the form of catalog.

Organizers of the exhibition have the final vote in respect of interpreting the regulations.
By submitting their works for the contest, the authors accept these regulations and agree to have their photograph published in the catalog of the exhibition that follows the contest.

Organizers reserve the right to cancel the contest after Stage 1. At the same time, they undertake to publish a proper announcement at and, informing about such decision.

The CHEERFUL GRUNWALD European Contest of Satirical Art is organized by
The Association of Polish Caricature Artists ( and co-organized by The Foundation of the Festival of European Satire “Koziołki” ( and by Castle Museum in Malbork. ( )

works can be submitted until May 10th, 2010
jury's deliberation over the Internet will be taking place from June 6th to June 10th, 2010
contest exhibition - July 15th to September 15th, 2010

Darek Labedzki , tel./fax +48 61 8488 744


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