Sunday, March 16, 2008

2nd International Car Caricature Exhibition in Zagreb 2008.

There is nothing quite like a caro Wherever we turn this omnipresent menace (or should we say "sensible means of transport") is with uso But where would we be without one? Could we really face our friends and neighbours without our "four-wheeled friend"? Even if it means our bank­account is more often in the "red" than the "black" if we see a car we like - we MUST HAVE IT !
In many societies a car is a status symbol which says to everyone just how cool, trendy or well-off the driver is. More CC's, expensive stereos or funky add-ons ali add up to create our own personal advertisement. Being different or innovative is
cool, too. Fancy a swimming pool in the back of your car? Too late, that's already been done ! Anyway, most of us can only afford a DIY sink ...
Of course, we must not forget that cars are thought of as phallic symbols by many men (and women, too I). Even the cheapest two-seater sports car can boost your potency and self-confidence ... and there is no doubt that some ladies love something hot and throbbing to play with!
And, talking about the ladies, we must not forget that they love their cars as well. Some of them even like to give their cars cutesy kitten names ... Iike "Love-bug" or "Fluffy" ...
But whatever car YOU drive, remember it has a PERSONALlTY ... and that is what the exhibition is ali about! So come along to the 2nd International Car Caricature Exhibition in Zagreb 2008. You know it makes sense ... And there is plenty of parking space for your "personality extension", too!

1 • Ali caricaturists (and those wishing to be one) on the planet Earth have the right to participate.
2. Each entrant may submit a maximum of 2 caricatures
3. The format for caricatures is either A4 or A5.
4. Caricatures must be submitted on paper, (either drawn or as a computer print) and signed by the artist. Photocopies and other forms of duplication will not be accepted.
5. Caricatures will be exhibited following selection by the judges appointed by the Organisers, Huna d.o.o. Zagreb.
6. The Organisers will present the following awards:
GRAND PRIZE € 4,000 or 30,000 Kn
1st PRIZE €1,000 or 7,500 Kn
2nd PRIZE € 800 or 5,500 Kn
3rd PRIZE € 5000r 3,500 Kn
Two special recognition prizes: each '€ 300 or 2.200 Kn
In addition to monetary prizes, each winner will receive a certificate
7. Each participant in the exhibition will be represented in the exhibition catalogue with one caricature selected by the Organisers.
8. Every artist whose work is exhibited is entitled to a free copy of the exhibition catalogue.
9. The subject matter of the exhibition is: Our everyday car - parking
10. Prizes will be awarded by a committee of at least seven persons, of whom five will be sponsor representatives and two will be experts appointed the Organisers.
11. Caricatures which are awarded prizes become the property of the sponsor awarding the prize to the artist or remain the property of the Organisers.
12. Caricatures which are not awarded prizes
beco me the property of the Organisers or, at the explicit request of the artist, can be returned (on payment of shipping costs) or may be collected from Huna d.o.o. six months after the exhibition.
13. Ali exhibited artists give the right to the Organisers to use, publish and exhibit caricatures, without compensation or payment, for the promotion of future exhibitions and projects.
14. The Organisers reserve the right to utilise caricatures with third-parties to promote the artist and the exhibition.
15. By submitting caricatures to the 2nd International Car Caricature Exhibition Zagreb 2008 the artist agrees and accepts and the terms of participation.
16. Caricatures will be accepted for inclusion in the exhibition until 21.04.2008 at the Organisers address.
17. The exhibition will take place in the lobby of the Autobusni kolodvor (Main bus Station) in Zagreb on 28.05.2008.


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