Wednesday, December 09, 2009

CARTOONS about PRESS FREEDOM and role of Independent Media in societies

O resumo (em português) do conteúdo seguinte:Tema: Liberdade de Expressão (de preferência num contexto Africano, Latinoamericano ou asiático)Qualquer técnica, cores ou P/BEnviar até 25/11/09
Resilução: 300 DPI
Medidas máximas: 20x30cmPagam 150 Euros por cada desenho seleccionadoMandar identificação da conta bancária para pagamento por Transferência Bancária ou indicar outro modo de pagamentoWanted:CARTOONS about PRESS FREEDOM and role of Independent Media in societies.Free Voice is a Dutch organization that supports independent media and pressfreedom in Asia, Latin America and Africa ( the vision of Free Voice an independent, critical and reliable press is an important condition for the development of individuals and societies.To illustrate a new policyplan (with a lot of text) we are looking for cartoons that can illustrate one of the following items:- the role of media as a watchdog in societies (uncovers fraud and corruption)
- the role of media in giving a voice to the voiceless (empowering people, educate people, raising awareness, showing what is important to people)
- the ways that pressfreedom is opposed by governments, religion, moralistic groups in society
- the importance of giving support to brave journalists that take risks in unveiling the truth.Free Voice likes to have cartoons in their cultural contexts (African, Latin American, Asian).The cartoons can be in color or black and white. All techniques are possible.You can send new cartoons or published cartoons on this theme by e-mail: JPeg max. 20x30cm, Dpi max 300.
The cartoons should be send digital BEFORE 22 NOVEMBER 2009 to
Free Voice makes a selection of the submitted cartoons before 25 of November 2009All the cartoons selected for use by Free Voice will be bought for the prize of € 150 (one hundred and fifty Euro’s).Please send your bankaccount (with international codes, address of bank and of yourself) or other preferences for payment.
Free Voice buys the right to use these cartoons in print and digital forms and is obliged to publish: © name, countryFree Voice sends (digital) copies of the publications with the cartoons to the cartoonistsAik Meeuse, Communication Manager Free Voice.
Post: Free Voice, Postbox 66, 1200 AB Hilversum , The Netherlands .Visit: Mediacentrum on MediaPark, Sumatralaan 45, 1200 AG Hilversum ;


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