Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1st Quality Dental Cartoon Contest

As Chairman of Quality dentis's committee,I would like to invite you to participate in this new contest.I would like to emphasize that the purpose of this contest-exhibition is solely cultural.There is no commercial benefits or any profits at all!!!It is for the people to smile and the art to bloom.
Good luck
Dr. Gilad Fiskus
Condition of entry
1-The contest is open to all.It is permitted to pass the contest entry form,to friends or clubs amauters as well as professional.
2-Each individual entrant can send a maximum of 6 caricatures/cartoons.
3-The artist's name address and e-mail should be written on each entry drawing, beside the title of the caricature/cartoon.
4-There is no fee for entry.
5-The contest is divided into two section.A caricature section and a cartoon section. 5-One 500$ prize will be granted to the best caricature/cartoon drawing, winning the contest. Each entrant will receive a prestige participant certificate,and 12 medals will be send to the best works,6 for each section.2 gold,2silver,4 bronze and 4 honorable medals.
6-The caricatures/cartoon drawings could be black and white or color.They should be the original work of the artist.Cartoons\caricature that are deemed by the jury to be the same or closely similar to that known to be the work of another artist,will not be judged.
7-The object of the contest is to convey a dental scene-funny,scary,dramatic etc. The relation between the dentist and his patient,as well as facial expressions,body movement and dynamic positions,are all important.
8-All correspondences including the caricatures/cartoons in a jpg format,300 dpi should be e-mailed to GILADOR@GMAIL.COM
9-All entries should reach the above e-mail no later than August 10th 2009. 10-Submission of entry implies acceptance of these conditions.
Best Regards, Dr. Gilad Fiskus Chairman of committee


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