Wednesday, July 23, 2008

II International Festival of Graphic Humor in Granada

During the Festival, the exhibition “Granada – Semana Santa Internacional” wil take place, and a catalogue will be published including a selection of works. This event is supportes by the City Council of Granada, the County Council, and the University of Granada.
1 – The call is open to profesional and amateur graphic humorists and cartoonists from all over the world.
2 – Subject of the 2nd Festival: “Holy Week in Granada” (La Semana Santa de Granada). More information about the subject in the website
3 – The participants are permitted to submit to the Festival only 3 works. The format of the works must be A4 horizontal (297mm width x 210mm height). Any technique will be accepted.
Mute cartoons will be preferred. Nevertheless, any language will be accepted if a suitable translation to Spanish or English is included.
4 – The works should be scanned and sent by e-mail in 300 ppp, JPEG format, to, accompanied by a portrait or caricature of the author (same resolution and format).
5 -The e-mail must include an entry form containing the following information: Author’s name and family name Artistic name Address, town, country and postal code E-mail address and phone numbers CV mentioning the author’s publications and/or the newspaper, magazine, etc. where they usually publish their works.
6 – The selected works will be showed in an exhibition in “Centro Municipal de Arte Joven Rey Chico”. They may be also showed as a roaming exhibition in other national and international events related to Granada’s Turistic Department. In addition, the works will be shown in the website
7 – The selected works will be printed in a catalogue. All authors whose works are selected to appear in the exhibition will receive a copy of the catalogue.
8 - The list of participants, as well as the name of the selected works, will published by the organization in the Festival Website or announced via e-mail. The authors will also be informed about the location of the exhibitions where their works are shown.
9.- Deadline: september 14th, 2008.
10.- The submission of the entry form will automatically imply the waiving of the author’s royalties vis-à-vis the non-commercial reproduction of his/her work by the City Council of Granada. 11 – The participation in the 2nd Festival of Graphic Humor in Granada implies the author fully accepts these regulations.


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