Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exhibition in Buenos Aires . Theme: " Organic, healthy and natural life/food"

Dear Everybody :
I invite you to take part in an exhibition of cartoons about organic natural life and organic and healthy food.
The City Hall of San Isidro, the town where I live , lends me the walls of an exhibition of organic grocers and natural foods and cosmetics.
There will be no catalogue, not awards, not diplomas . Only your presence in San Isidro, Buenos Aires through your works .
The place is a 300 years old house in a very touristic colonial town , in front of the Gothic Cathedral where my parents got married and I was baptized .
I only may send you a lot of thanks , press clipping and photos of the exhibition.
THE IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS IS that I presented a plan of making a Museum of Humor here .
I told the Culture Secretary ´s people that I may donate thousand of catalogues , original cartoons and be in charge of a permanent and rotating international exhibition if they give me the place .
And they want to see , in this weekend of organic foods , if that could be possible ...and if that attracts the public! You don´t have to work extra : you may send old works, related with ecology or nature , by email to me.
The exhibition is on 18th April, please send them well before that date. And consider this is Argentina, where everybody promises and then it´s delayed , and later " it couldn´t be done because of lack of budget, lack of place , etc , etc" ...
But I believe in miracles!
THANK YOU, let´s hope the Museum of Humor in San Isidro will come a reality.
Best regards,
Ana von Rebeur anavon@hotmail.com
Some photos of San Isidro : http://www.buenosaires.travel/San_Isidro_1.aspx


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