Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Iranian Green" International Cartoon Exhibition

"Green" has a very specific meaning now: Iranian people named "Protesters" are now the symbol of freedom, braveness, and liberation. they chose "Green" as their symbol. the subject for this exhibition is these people. the people they going to be the most brave people in 2009. you can send your cartoons on this theme. there is no money prize, no Trophy and party! but we will organize an exhibition of selected cartoons in Paris. your prize will be proud of involvement of the Iranian Green Movement.
Participating in this Exhibition is free
- Any Cartoonist without considering age, nationality and religion can participate in this Exhibition
- The Technic of Cartoons are free
- Each participant can send up to 5 entries
- Size limitation is minimum A4 and Maximum A3.- Each Cartoonist must send his Biography beside his artworks
- The deadline for sending entries is 20th February 2010
- The Entries should be sent to "37 Rue Chaude, 78240Chambourcy, France"
- Selected artworks will be exhibited in Paris, France and also published in the websites and this group page on Facebook
- The organizing committee can use the received cartoons for its promotions, publishing in the website, in posters, brochures, etc.- the Artworks can not be returned
For any extra information please call
to: +33 (0)660 939 718
+33 (0)660 939 718
+33 (0)660 939 718--
Kianoosh Ramezani
Illustrator, CartoonistGraphic Designer
Mobile: +33 (0)660 939 718


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