Sunday, April 22, 2012

"International Return to Home Cartoon Contest 2012"

Deadline:30th Apr., 2012

In support of the "Global March to Jerusalem" and the march
of the representatives of various nations towards occupied Palestine's borders,
"International Return to Home Cartoon Contest 2012" will be held:

Themes & Subjects:
- Right of the displaced Palestinians to return to their homeland.
- Protest to occupation of the Jerusalem as the holy land of all religions.

- participant can send maximum 5 artworks.
- Sending (Name, family name, post address, Email address and Telephone)
of artists Just by word file is necessary.
- The catalogue will be send to the entire artist that their
artworks published in the catalogue.
- Artworks must be in 200 dpi by width or length of 2000 pixel
by jpg format.
- Subject of [Return to Home] must be mentioned in the send Email.

3 selected works will be awarded for each person:
1000 $ with Honorable mention & Trophy
And 5 selected works will be awarded for each person:
Honorable mention & Trophy

Deadline: 30th Apr., 2012

Address for sending artworks:
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

V. Baja Cartoon Competition

This year the town of Baja organises its fifth cartoon competition; the third time it goes international!
Every fun loving amateur or professional cartoonist over 18 years of age is welcome to enter the event.
Theme: Gastro-tourism – we’re partial to fish, game and wine
Gastro-tourism is not new; a lot of us like to get to know a new culture through its cuisine.
Baja can be such a tourist destination with its yearly fish soup competition, which attracts hundreds of thousands of gastro-tourists and is famous all over Europe. This grand fish soup feast is part of the Beautiful Baja festival program, which also includes the more and more popular sausage competition and the taste bud pampering wine contest.
Competition details:
1.) Participants can submit up to three original cartoons in A/4 or A/3 size, using any technique. Prints of cartoons produced or coloured with software can also be submitted on condition that it has the cartoonist’s original signature and the print’s serial number.
2.) The participants should write their name, address, phone number and e-mail address on the back of the cartoons.
3.) Deadline for entries: 25. June, 2012.
4.) Postal address for entries (please note the order!):
            István Kelemen
Bajza J. u. 19.
5.) For information or enquiries about the competition contact:
            Phone: +36 20 426 58 82
6.) Participants whose works are selected by the jury for the catalogue will receive a catalogue via post.
7.) First prize:  HUF100,000 + certification - Courtesy of the mayor of Baja
     Second prize: HUF80.000 + certification - Courtesy of Kedvenc crosswords magazine  
     Third prize: HUF63,500 + certification - Courtesy of Magyar Vadászlap hunting magazine
       + 5 certification
8.) The jury makes its decision on 2nd July, 2012.
The decision of jury is irreversible.
9.) The opening ceremony and prize distribution will be at 5 p.m. 13. July, 2012.
Address: Bácska Kulturpalota (Bacska Culture Hall) - Szentháromság square, Baja, 6500, Hungary
10.) For the list and works of participants and for any other information visit:
11.) The organiser retains the right to use the cartoons freely.
12.) We do not send back the cartoons; we intend to make an exhibition from them.
We wish good work and successful participation to everyone.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The 18th International Cartoon contest – Haifa 2012, Israel

18th Concurso Internacional de caricaturas – Haifa 2012, Israel
Haifa 2012
The Main Category this year is: Protests Copping with injustices in Modern Society
El tema principal este año es: Protestas, Levantamiento contra las injusticias en la Sociedad Moderna
Protest in the modern world: “Using more thinking and less muscle”
Protestas en el mundo actual: Usar más pensamiento y menos fuerza
What is the ideal economic policy?

¿Cuál es la política económica ideal?
What is the solution: Socialism, Capitalism or something in between?
¿Cuál es la solución?: ¿Socialismo, Capitalismo o algo intermedio?
Sub Categories: Consumers revolt by multimedia, Facebook, Art and creativity
Los revuelta de los consumidores por la multimedia, facebook, arte y creatividad
Consumers’ power to change - Market privatization and recent Price increase of essentials – gas, food, electricity and services.
El poder de los consumidores para cambiar- Las privatizaciones del mercado y los recientes incrementos de productos esenciales- gas, alimentos, electricidad y los servicios Social Justice,
Environmental development for the residents
Justicia social, Desarrollo sostenible para los residents
The Entry Deadline is :June 18, 2012
Fecha límite de envío: 18 de junio, 2012
For further information please write me to my email:
I hope to make cultural contacts with more cartoonists from Latin America and other countries as well. Thanks for promoting our International cartoon contest this year too
Ronit Eshet,

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Rules of the Third Biennial of HUMOR "LUIS D'Oliveira Guimarães" - Penela 2012

Artistic Director: Osvaldo Sousa Macedo (humorgrafe.oms @

1 - Theme: THE LETTERS AND JOURNALISM (caricatures of writers, journalists, thinkers, or drawings of humor over the letters, alphabets, reading the press, freedom of press, disagreements spelling ...)
2 - Open to the participation of all graphic artists with humor, professional or amateur.
3 - Deadline: June 10, 2012 (must be sent to humorgrafe.oms @, or - If you do not receive confirmation of receipt, forward new SFF)
4 - Each artist can send via email in digital format (300 dpis A4) up to 5 original works, black and white (one color - not accepted drawings 2, 3 or 4 colors), open to all techniques and styles as a caricature, cartoon, gag cartoon, strip, plank bd (story in a single board) ... these should be accompanied with information of the name and address, e-mail, telephone and no taxpayer.
5 - Entries will be judged by a jury consisting of: a representative of the Municipality of Penela, a representative of the Parish of Spinal, a representative of the family Oliveira Guimarães, the Artistic Director of the Biennale, a representative of the sponsors, a representative local communication and the two guest artists, being awarded the following awards:
* 1st Prize BHLOG III-2012 (worth € 1,800)
* 2nd Prize BHLOG III-2012 (worth € 1,300)
* 3rd Prize of BHLOG III-2012 (worth € 800)
The jury may award up to five Special Awards honorific.
6 - The jury grants the right not to publish those works that do not meet the minimum quality required, making a selection of the best works to expose the available space.
7 - The organization shall inform all artists by email if you have been selected, and what the award-winning artists. The works awarded compensation, are automatically acquired by the organization. The originals of the winning entries must be delivered to the organization (the original work done on the computer is a high quality print on A4, hand signed and numbered 1/1), because without such delivery, the prize money will not be unlocked.
8 - Catalog will be published as well as any cards that are sent to all selected artists.
9 - Reproduction rights are owned by the organization as soon as this organization is to promote, and occasionally discussed with the authors, for other uses.
10 - For further information contact the Artistic Director: Osvaldo Sousa Macedo (humorgrafe.oms @ or III Biennial of Humor Luis d'Oliveira Guimarães, Sector of Culture, Municipality of Penela, Town Hall Square, 3230-253 Penela - Portugal.
11 - The Third Biennial of Humor Luis d'Oliveira Guimarães - Penela 2012, will be held 1-30 September in the Library of Penela, extending to Lisbon in October (Faculty of Letters of Lisbon) in November and the School Social Communication of Coimbra.


Uma Organização: Câmara Municipal de Penela / Junta de Freguesia do Espinhal
Uma Produção: Humorgrafe
Director Artístico: Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa (
1 - Tema: DAS LETRAS E JORNALISMO (caricaturas de escritores, jornalistas, pensadores, ou desenhos de humor sobre as letras, os alfabetos, a leitura, a imprensa, as liberdades de imprensa, os desacordos ortográficos…)
2 - Aberto à participação de todos os artistas gráficos com humor, profissionais ou amadores.
3 – Data Limite: 10 de Junho de 2012 (Devem ser enviados para,  ou - No caso de não receberem confirmação de recepção, reenviar de novo SFF)
4 - Cada artista pode enviar, via e-mail em formato digital (300 dpis formato A4) até 5 trabalhos originais, a preto e branco (uma só cor – não são aceites desenhos a 2, 3 ou 4 cores), aberto a todas as técnicas e estilos como caricatura, cartoon, desenho de humor, tira, prancha de bd (história num prancha única)... devendo estes vir acompanhados com informação do nome e morada, e-mail, telefone e nº contribuinte.
5 -  Os trabalhos serão julgados por um júri constituído por: um representante da Câmara Municipal de Penela; por um representante da Junta de Freguesia do Espinhal; um representante da família Oliveira Guimarães; pelo Director Artístico da Bienal; um representante dos patrocinadores, um representante de comunicação local e um a dois artistas convidados, sendo outorgados os seguintes Prémios:
* 1º Prémio da III BHLOG- 2012 (no valor de € 1.800)
* 2º Prémio da III BHLOG- 2012 (no valor de € 1.300)
* 3º Prémio da III BHLOG- 2012 (no valor de € 800)
O Júri poderá conceder até cinco Prémios Especiais a título honorífico.
6 - O júri outorga-se o direito de não publicar aqueles trabalhos que não atinjam a qualidade mínima exigida, fazendo uma selecção dos melhores trabalhos para expor no espaço disponível.
7 – A organização informará todos os artistas por e-mail se foram seleccionados, e quais os artistas premiados. Os trabalhos premiados com remuneração, ficam automaticamente adquiridos pela organização. Os originais dos trabalhos premiados deverão ser entregues à organização (o original em trabalhos feitos a computador é um print de alta qualidade em A4, assinado à mão e numerado 1/1), porque sem essa entrega, o Prémio monetário não será desbloqueado.
8 - Será publicado catálogo, assim como eventualmente postais, que serão enviados a todos os artistas seleccionados.
9 - Os direitos de reprodução são propriedade da organização, logo que seja para promoção desta organização, e discutidos pontualmente com os autores, no caso de outras utilizações.
10 - Para outras informações contactar o Director Artístico: Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa ( ou III Bienal de Humor Luís d’Oliveira Guimarães, Sector de Cultura, Câmara Municipal de Penela, Praça do Município, 3230-253 Penela - Portugal.
11 - A III Bienal de Humor Luís d’ Oliveira Guimarães – Penela 2012, realiza-se de 1 a 30 de Setembro na Biblioteca Municipal de Penela, com extensão a Lisboa em Outubro (Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa) e em Novembro à Escola Superior de Comunicação Social de Coimbra.
Normas de la Tercera Bienal del humor "Luis D'Oliveira Guimarães" - Penela 2012

Una Organización: Ayuntamiento de Penela / Parroquia de la columna vertebral
Una producción de: Humorgrafe
Director artístico: Osvaldo Sousa Macedo (humorgrafe.oms @

1 - Tema: LAS CARTAS Y PERIODISMO (caricaturas de escritores, periodistas, pensadores, o dibujos de humor sobre las letras, las letras del alfabeto, la lectura de la prensa, la libertad de prensa, la ortografía desacuerdos ...)
2 - Abrir a la participación de todos los artistas gráficos con humor, profesional o aficionado.
3 - Fecha límite: 10 de junio de 2012 (debe ser enviada a , o, .  Si usted no recibe acuse de recibo, paso en el nuevo SFF)
4 - Cada artista podrá enviar por correo electrónico en formato digital (300 Dpis A4) un máximo de 5 obras originales, en blanco y negro (un solo color - No se aceptan dibujos 2, 3 o 4 colores), abierta a todos técnicas y estilos como una caricatura, historieta, caricatura mordaza, tira, tablón de bd (historia en una sola tarjeta) ... éstas deben ir acompañadas de la información del nombre y la dirección, e-mail, teléfono y el contribuyente no.
5 - Los trabajos serán juzgados por un jurado compuesto por: un representante de la Municipalidad de Penela, un representante del Consejo Parroquial de la médula, un representante de la familia Oliveira Guimarães, Director Artístico de la Bienal, un representante de los patrocinadores, un representante comunicación local y los dos artistas invitados, recibiendo los siguientes premios:
* 1 º Premio BHLOG III-2012 (por valor de € 1.800)
* 2 º Premio BHLOG III-2012 (por valor de € 1.300)
* 3 º Premio de BHLOG III-2012 (por valor de € 800)
El jurado podrá otorgar hasta cinco premios especiales honoríficos.
6 - El jurado concede el derecho de no publicar aquellas obras que no cumplan con la calidad mínima exigida, de hacer una selección de las mejores obras para exponer el espacio disponible.
7 - La organización informará a todos los artistas por correo electrónico si usted ha sido seleccionado, y lo que los artistas premiados. Los trabajos premiados compensación, se adquiere automáticamente por la organización. Los originales de las obras ganadoras deberán ser entregadas a la organización (el trabajo original realizado en el equipo es una alta calidad de impresión en A4, firmada a mano y numerada 1/1), ya que sin dicha entrega, el importe del premio no se desbloqueará.
8 - catálogo será publicada, así como las cartas que se envían a todos los artistas seleccionados.
9 - Los derechos de reproducción pertenecen a la organización tan pronto como esta organización es promover y, en ocasiones discute con los autores, para otros usos.
10 - Para más información póngase en contacto con el director artístico: Osvaldo Sousa Macedo (humorgrafe.oms @ o III Bienal del Humor, Luis D'Oliveira Guimarães, del Sector de Cultura de la Municipalidad de Penela, Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 3230-253 Penela - Portugal.
11 - La Tercera Bienal del Humor, Luis D'Oliveira Guimarães - Penela 2012, se llevará a cabo 01 al 30 09 en la Biblioteca de Penela, que se extiende a Lisboa en octubre (Facultad de Letras de Lisboa) en noviembre y la Escuela Comunicación Social de Coimbra.

Normes de la Troisième Biennale de l'humour "LUIS D'Oliveira Guimarães" - Penela 2012
Une Organisation: Ville de Penela / Paroisse de la colonne vertébrale
Une production: Humorgrafe
Directeur artistique: Osvaldo Sousa Macedo (humorgrafe.oms @

1 - Thème: LES LETTRES ET DU JOURNALISME (caricatures des écrivains, journalistes, penseurs, ou des dessins d'humour sur les lettres, alphabets, la lecture de la presse, la liberté de la presse, de l'orthographe désaccords ...)
2 - Ouvert à la participation de tous les artistes graphiques, avec humour, professionnel ou amateur.
3 - Date limite: 10 Juin 2012 (doit être envoyée à humorgrafe.oms @, ou - Si vous ne recevez pas de confirmation de réception, avant nouvelle SFF)
4 - Chaque artiste peut envoyer par e-mail en format digital (300 dpis A4) jusqu'à 5 œuvres originales, en noir et blanc (une couleur - pas accepté les dessins 2, 3 ou 4 couleurs), ouvert à tous techniques et des styles comme une caricature, dessin animé, dessin animé gag, bande, planche bd (histoire en un seul conseil) ... ceux-ci doivent être accompagnées d'informations sur le nom et l'adresse, e-mail, téléphone et aucun contribuable.
5 - Les inscriptions seront jugées par un jury composé de: un représentant de la municipalité de Penela, un représentant de la paroisse de la colonne vertébrale, un représentant de la famille Oliveira Guimarães, le directeur artistique de la Biennale, un représentant des sponsors, un représentant communication locale et les deux artistes invités, en cours d'attribution des prix suivants:
* 1er prix BHLOG III-2012 (valeur de € 1800)
* 2e prix BHLOG III-2012 (valeur de € 1300)
* 3e prix de BHLOG III-2012 (valeur 800 €)
Le jury peut accorder jusqu'à cinq prix spéciaux honorifiques.
6 - Le jury accorde le droit de ne pas publier ces œuvres qui ne répondent pas à la qualité minimale exigée, de faire une sélection des meilleures œuvres à exposer l'espace disponible.
7 - L'organisation doit informer tous les artistes par e-mail si vous avez été sélectionné, et ce que les artistes primés. Les œuvres primées compensation, sont automatiquement acquis par l'organisation. Les originaux des gagnants doivent être remis à l'organisation (l'œuvre originale fait sur l'ordinateur est une impression de haute qualité sur du papier A4, signé et numéroté 1/1), parce que sans cette livraison, le prix en argent ne sera pas débloqué.
8 - Catalogue sera publié ainsi que toutes les cartes qui sont envoyés à tous les artistes sélectionnés.
9 - Les droits de reproduction sont détenus par l'organisation dès que cette organisation est de promouvoir, et parfois discuté avec les auteurs, pour d'autres usages.
10 - Pour plus d'informations contacter le directeur artistique: Osvaldo Sousa Macedo (humorgrafe.oms @ ou III Biennale de l'Humour Luis Oliveira Guimarães d', Secteur de la culture, la municipalité de Penela, Place de la Mairie, 3230-253 Penela - Portugal.
11 - La Troisième Biennale de l'Humour Luis Oliveira Guimarães d'- Penela 2012, aura lieu 1-30 Septembre à la Bibliothèque de Penela, s'étendant à Lisbonne en Octobre (Faculté des Lettres de Lisbonne) en Novembre et à l'École Communication Sociale de Coimbra.

Sunday, April 01, 2012




2-The competition is open to professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world.
3-Only original cartoons or internet print outs signed by the cartoonists will be accepted for the competition. Photographs, photocopies, etc... will not be accepted.
4-Each entrant should provide title, name, age, address, career, e-mail, and telephone number on reverse.
5-Entries can be either black and white or colour .
6-Size of cartoons should not exceed 100 x 150 cm .
7-Maximum 20 entries will be submitted.
8-Deadline for entries is July 12, 2012.
FIRST PRIZE - 3000 RMB + Medal + Catalogue
SECOND PRIZE - 1500 RMB + Medal + Catalogue
THIRD PRIZE - 1000 RMB + Medal + Catalogue
Five SPECIAL PRIZES + Medal + Catalogue
THE BEST CARICATURE PRIZE - 3000 RMB + Medal + Catalogue
Three SPECIAL PRIZES - Medal + Catalogue
11-Submitted cartoons will not be returned.
12-All cartoonists whose cartoons are published in the catalogue will receive a free copy.
13-The organizers take no responsibility of the damages caused by postal service or bad transport.
14-The organizers reserve the right to publish the cartoons submitted to the festival and use them in any forms.
Your cartoon may be used for promotional purposes : cards, posters, catalogs, newspapers, magazine, and books etc.

15-E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it WEB: