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6th International Istanbul Cartoon Festival - ENERGY

10-18 October 2009, Istanbul, Turkey
Dear cartoonist friend,
Cartoonists all around the world participated to the international cartoon festivals which were organized by Yeni Yuksektepe Cultural Assosiation in the recent years. The first festival’s subject we arranged was mixed(1997); the second festival’s subject was “East and West”(2000); the third festival’s subject was “Water and Life”(2003), the fourth festival’s subject was “Global Warming”(2005), the fifth festival’s subject was “Intercultural Tolerance”(2007) – in total 30 countries, 431 cartoonists, 1209 cartoons-.
Even from now on, The Energy Issue has priority among the Sustainable Development Objectives of The United Nations, so we have decided to arrange the 6th International Istanbul Cartoon Festival on the this issue.
Energy is changing the map of the world; in the near future the most important issue which is underscored will be the energy problem. As Yeni Yüksektepe Cultural Association, we will be waiting different explanations from the cartoonists all over the world to be able to draw people’s attention to this increasing energy problem and its possible solutions.
The cartoons to be exhibited during the festival in Istanbul will also be exhibited in other branches of our association which are in other cities of Turkey such as Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya, Van, Bursa, Izmit, Mersin, Aydın and associations in abroad which collabarates with Yeni Yüksektepe; for people who are interested in art.
We would like to invite you to the 6th International Cartoon Festival which will be held on 10-18 October 2009 with your talented cartoons.
1) EXHIBITIONS : Personal and collective exhibitions of the cartoons under the theme of “Energy” will take place during 10-25 October 2009. More than 200 well-known cartoonists are expected to participate to the exhibition as before.
2) SYMPOSIUM: An opportunity is created for inter-disciplinary sworks by performing a symposium under the theme of “Energy” with participation of guests on arts, science, philosophy.
3) WORKSHOP : The aim is to highlight the importance of “Energy” once more and also to increase the interest to the art of cartoon among people in the workshops which is participated by cartoonists and people.
Detailed information about the place and the daily programme of events will be announced by our website soon.
1) The theme of the exhibition is “Energy”. Cartoons not related with the main theme and the sub- themes, may not take part in the festival and the exhibition. The final decision is to be given by the Organizational Committee, and this committee works with cartoonist Tan Oral’s chairmanship.
2) Technique: Free. Black/white or colour.
3) Dimension: A4 or A3. No passé partout, no frame.
Sending Way:
4) By post: If this way is preferred, cartoons shouldn’t have passé partout and frame. Please send them with filled participation form to the below address.
Yeni Yuksektepe Kultur Dernegi,
Muhurdar Cad. Gunesli Bahce Sok. No: 50 34710 Kadikoy-Istanbul-TURKEY
5) By website: Cartoons should have 300 dpi resolution and JPEG formatted. (Max. 2 MB)
6) Work should be named. Example: nameandsurnameofartist_nameofwork.jpeg
7) No limitation for the number of works to be sent for the exhibition.

Sending Back the cartoons:
8) All cartoons will be kept in the cartoon archives of Yeni Yüksektepe Cultural Association and will not be sent back, unless there is a special request from the artist to send his/her work back.
Usage Rights of the cartoons:
All the usage rights of the cartoons are belong to Yeni Yuksektepe Cultural Association without any commercial purposes. The originals may be printed or exhibited in Turkey or abroad; used for the books, magazines, catalogues, brochures, VCD’s and DVD’s to be printed by Yeni Yüksektepe and its corporative associations in Turkey or abroad; sent to another association in Turkey or abroad for the purpose of exhibiting or printing without commercial purpose by Yeni Yüksektepe. Even if the cartoonist sends the originals or the copies to Yeni Yüksektepe, the cartoonist will be the owner of the publication and financial rights. Cartoons that were exhibited in the festival will be covered under a booklet. A copy of the booklet will be uploaded on the Internet web site free for download. News covering the festival will also be available on the same web site. The originals may be used in the news coverage about the Festival in the Print and TV Media.
9) The deadline for the cartoons to arrive to the Festival Organizational Committee is 1thSeptember 2009.
10) Please send a reply e-mail to notice that you have received this e-mail.

What is Yeni Yuksektepe Cultural Association?
Yeni Yüksektepe Cultural Association is a non-profit, non-governmental, philosophical-cultural organisation which does not have a religious or political identity.
Yeni Yüksektepe organises helpful activities for public interest and community awareness; aims to improve the world of culture with cultural activities; helps people in need in emergency situations by the GEA search and rescue team; protects nature through ecological activities. All activities organised by Yeni Yuksektepe are based on universal principles:

· To unite human beings regardless of their creeds, races, and social status around an ideal of love, respect, tolerance and universal fraternity.
· To awaken a global vision in men and women through the comparative study of sciences, religions, arts and philosophies.
· To enable men and women to live as a part of nature and to express their true personalities, by developing the capacities of each individual.

We would be pleased to stay in contact with you and thank you very much for your attention.
Best Regards,
Yeni Yuksektepe Cultural Association Kadikoy Branch
Public Relations Department Manager
Anıl Aykan
For your questions you can call us (after 18:30 on weekdays, after 13:30 on Saturdays) or send an e-mail.
Yeni Yuksektepe Cultural Association Kadikoy Branch
Tel: +90 216 336 36 11
Fax: +90 216 418 11 07
Mobile: +90 535 472 34 74 (Ms. Anıl Aykan,) +90 544 327 29 61 (Mrs. Ayça Burcu Tan)
Date of birth:

I accept all terms and conditions of the festival which is organized by Yeni Yüksektepe Cultural Association.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Second International Productivity Cartoon Festival - Iran

The significance of productivity can now be felt more than any other time.The world crisis ahead can be managed and harnessed through teaching productivity techniques to the world community and transferring its culture to them. More appropriate use of resources and modifying the consumption patterns, along with proper use of appropriate decisions are among the requirements in this regard.Therefore, the second international cartoon festival on productivity cordially invites all artists to once again provide the society with the opportunity to learn through serenity and smile. As the previous festival was quite successful, this time the focus is more on the content and educational, training, pedagogical aspects, and transfer of culture. This is not merely a contest, but also playing a role in a world where productivity is sought as a suitable solution.Works can cover any productivity related fields.
Fields you can work on are among, but not limited to, the following:
Theme: Productivity (correct usage of ...)
- Productivity in factories
- Productivity in houses
- Productivity and Technology
- Productivity in Human Resources
- Productivity and the Urban Life- Productivity and ...
1- A maximum of 3 works can be sent.
2- Only original artworks are accepted, without any kind of frame, accompanied by the application form and author's brief biography and photo.
3- Computer-based copies are also acceptable provided that the print versions are signed by the cartoonist. The computer version should also be in TIFF format with 300-DPI resolution on CD.
4- No photocopies or photographs will be accepted.
5- Name, surname, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the participant should be written on the back of each cartoon.
6- The size of the works should be A4 to A3.
7- There is no limit on the techniques employed for cartoons.
8- The original cartoons will not be returned.
9- All cartoonists whose cartoons are published in the catalogue will receive a free copy.
10- The organizers will do their best to protect all submitted cartoons from any probable damage, but take no responsibility of the damages caused by postal service or bad transport.
11- The organizers reserve the right to publish the cartoons submitted to the festival and use them in any forms.It is worth mentioning that the jury will consist of international referees and include Art (cartoon specialists) and science referees (management thinkers).
Deadline: July 02, 2009
First Prize: 3.000 Euros and Trophy
Second Prize: 2.000 Euros and Trophy
Third Prize: 1.000 Euros and Trophy
Moreover other ten selected works will be awarded by the festival sponsors.
Secretariat of the Second International Productivity Cartoon Festival,
Room No. 608, 6th Floor, Faculty of Humanities, Science and Research Campus, IAU, End of Ashrafi Isfahani Highway towards Hesarak, Tehran IRAN

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial 2009

Contest: Open to all cartoonists.
Theme: Don’t Disturb!
Technique: Free.
Entries: max. 3 cartoons.
The works must be original, including digital artworks if the prints are signed by the author, accompanied by the author’s entry-form / biography.
The awarded works in other competitions, photocopies, etc... will not be accepted.
Size: max. B3 (50 x 35 cm).
Prizes:Grand Prize:.........5.000 Euro,
First Prize:............3.000 Euro,
Second Prize:........2.000 Euro,
Third Prize:...........1.000 Euro,
and 10 Special Prizes.
Deadline: July 01, 2009 /
The postmark will provide the proof /
The international jury: August 01-03, 2009.Results: August 07, 2009.
Exhibition: The Kosova Art Gallery / Prishtina, September 21, 2009 / from 20.00 h.
Catalogue: All selected artists in catalogue will receive a copy.Remark: The awarded works will become property of the Gallery / KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial.
The others will be returned to the artists, if formally requested, after September 2010. /
Artists may also leave the cartoons to the Gallery / KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial. /
All rights reserved : © KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial/
The organizer holds the rights to publish the cartoons, on media and other publicity materials, such are web-page, catalogues, posters, calendars, cards, etc... anything that has to do with animation, afirmation of the Biennial... /
Tel: +377 / 0 / 44 666548
Address: KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial
P.O.Box. 257,
10000 Prishtina KOSOVA / EU

Friday, May 22, 2009


Theme is related to "Dulcinea" female character of the literary work "Don Quixote" written by Miguel de Cervantes.
Size: 30x40 centimetres, without frame and "passe partout" included ...
Work: Original. (Photocopies, digital copies, prints and photographs will not be accepted for this Competition)
Deadline: 13 JUNE 2009
Prizes: First Prize: 1.000 €, Honorable Mention
Address: City council of the Toboso Museum af Graphical Humor Dulcinea
C. Dona Tolosa, 2
45820 Toledo Spain
Responsible: José M. Bardón

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Theme: Archaeology-History
Size: 10.5x15 cm
Cartoon should be in JPG format (strictly 100 dpi) (Maximum 1 MB)
Max. number ot entries: 1 from each category ...
(Any Technique: Black&White; Colour; Digital)
Every cartoon should accompany a certificate from the cartoonist with full signature (Scanned) about the originality and non publication ...
Deadline: 31 MAY 2009
Prizes: There would be 10 prizes (First, Second, Third, Special Mention-2 and Honourable mention-5)
All the prize winners would be given a Diploma Certificate and a CD album of selected cartoons ...
E-Mail Address:
Detail Info:
Responsibles: Aswini Kumar Rath and Abani Kumar Rath

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

International Humor Contest PAPKINADA 2009 - Poland

1. International Humor Contest PAPKINADA 2009 is an open competition.
2. The object of the competition are drawings, prints and other works of art and photo made in any technique, which are the originals (may be also the work done in computer technology in the form of high-quality print signed by hand) on the topic: "The devil does not sleep"
3. The work of award-winning in other competitions will be excluded from the contest
4. The format works - maximum A3 (297 x 420)
5. Work must be submitted or sent in the package to prevent damage by the deadline of 1 June 2009 (date arrival of the consignment to the organizer) to:Kołobrzeskie Stowarzyszenie Inteligencji Twórczejul.Kiemliczów 16, 78-100 Kołobrzeg POLANDwith a note: "PAPKINADA 2009"
6. Organizers do not assume responsibility for losses arising in transport.
7. Please do not transfer the work electronically.8. Participation in the competition is free. The author agrees to the public disclosure of the data in accordance with current provisions on the protection of personal data.
1. The jury will award prizes following rules: GRAND PRIX of 3000 €. The extra prize.
2. In the final distribution of awards, the jury have the right to regulate, change their amount or not to grant or not grant GRAND PRIX. Jury decisions are final. The results of the competition will be announced until 20 June 2009, at:
The award is subject to tax in accordance with current requirements. The condition of payment of prize money is their authors arrive at the opening of the exhibition or for the designated by the Author his bank account or address. Condition for granting awards of property authors is their arrival at the opening of the exhibition.
1. The authors whose work selected for the exhibition will be eligible for free catalog.
2. Organizers provide free entrance for winners participated in the event PAPKINADA 2009 on 3-5.07.2009r.Source:

19th International Festival "Humor at Gura Humorului" 2009: The Crisis' Smile

The District Centre for Conserving and Promoting Traditional Culture, SuceavaGura Humorului TownhallBest Western Bucovina Hotel"Terra Design" Print Shop Gura Humorului“ GURA HUMORULUI” International festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature the 19th edition, 2009The 19th edition of “ GURA HUMORULUI”, the International Festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature will be held in the period 3-5th of July, 2009 as part of the Festive Days of Humor City.
The Contest Regulations - Cartoon:
1. The theme of the edition: ”The crisis’ smile”
2. The eligible works are the ones which have not been published or awarded any prizes for other contests.
3. All the works will have on the backside the name of the author and contact data (address, telephone number, e-mail account).
4. A page A3 or A4 will be the right dimensions of the works.
5. The technique used for the works will be at the free choice of the artist.
6. The works are not to be returned. They will be part of the “ GURA HUMORULUI” festival's patrimony and the organizers are entitled to use them as materials edited later, but with the name of the author on them.
7. The participants are required to send the following papers with their works: the completed entry form attached, a brief CV and a personal photo or portrait/caricature self portrait of the following minimum dimensions: 6x9 cm (on paper) or 710 x 1065 pix. (digital format).
8. Number of works: 3 (three)
9. The deadline for the works is June 10, 2009 (the post date)
10. The prizewinners are to be notified by June 27, 2009, to be present for the Awards Festivity on Sunday, July 5, 2009 and will be provided accommodation and meals. Transport expenses will be the responsibility of the participant or the organization/institution he/she is part of. In case other people will accompany the participants, they will pay all the expenses incurred. In addition, the organizers are to be notified in due time, no later than June 30, 2009 to make the necessary reservations.
11. The list of the jury members will be posted on the site starting with June 15, 2009.
12. The prizes to be awarded:- 1st Prize Eur 500- 2nd Prize Eur 300- 3rd Prize Eur 200- The “George Gavrilean” Prize for the débutantes from Bucovina Eur 200.
13. The jury is the one to decide upon awarding or not awarding or re-allocating the prizes. In addition, the jury will decide the works or the authors that can be rewarded by sponsors, associations, mass-media, institutions, commercial societies or private persons.
14. There will be no fee for participation.The works will be sent to the following address:Muzeul Obiceiurilor Populare din Bucovina, Piata Republicii nr.2, 725300 Gura Humorului, judetul Suceava ROMANIA
Telephone at the Museum: 0040.230.231.108 or mobile phone: 00 40 724 576 000 , 00 40 740 926 479

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


1. The National Humor Foundation invites you to the 26th International Humor Exhibition of Piauí/Brazil, which takes place at Clube dos Diários, 4 de Setembro Theater, Pedro II Square, Central de Artesanato, Antonino Freire Avenue, Liberdade Square, São Benedito Square, São Benedito Church’s churchyard and Frei Serafim Avenue, from 25th to 31st of May 2009;
2. The works can be presented through cartoons (theme Environment), 30x40 cm, digitalized in 300 dpi, RGB color, JPG format – medium quality – at a 1,5 MB limit, sent via internet to the following address:
3. Each contestant will be able to send up to 03 (three) cartoons about the theme environment;
4. The winner gets a R$ 10,000.00 prize (ten thousand reais);
5. The cartoons must be sent up to May 19th 2009, and must be with the organizers until May 20th;
6. The works awarded will be part of the National Humor Foundation’s catalog;
7. The National Humor Foundation claims the right to publish the cartoons for promotion purposes and use them in educational projects developed by the entity in public schools.
Fundação Nacional do Humor
Rua das Orquídeas 640 – Praça Ocílio Lago – Fátima64048-160 – Teresina – Piauí – Brazil

Topic in "Pencil in the North" 2009: Reconsidering culture masterpieces funnily

"Pencil in the North" International Cartoon Competition 2009 - France
1: Organiser, association 49+ la BD Francophone, head office 91,rue d’Austerlitz 59200 Tourcoing, France, is the organizer of a press and humorous drawing competition open to anyone, amateurs and professionals. This production must obligatorily have this topic: "Reconsidering culture masterpieces funnily"
ARTICLE 2: Competition criteria: Support: use A4 format ( 21 x 29.7 cm). The technical methods used by the cartoonist are totally free, French/English text. The original drawing must be sent in the following form: the drawing must not be folded, and a short biography must be attached to the drawing. Cartoonists who are minors must attach permission to participate and authorization for publication from parents or legal guardians in favour of Francine COPPENS, Association 49+ la B.D. Francophone, 25 rue du General Marchand F – 59200 TOURCOING - FRANCEThis authorization from parents or legal guardians must contain surname, first name, address, telephone number, and E-Mail of legal representative.
ARTICLE 3: Stages in the competition: The competition begins on 15th August 2009. Francine COPPENS, association 49+ la BD Francophone, 25 rue du General Marchand, F – 59200 TOURCOING - FRANCE, must receive drawings entered by participants no later than the 31 August 2009.
ARTICLE 4: Participants: Present: Public concerned: draughtsmen amateurs or professionals. Are not authorized to take part in the contest: members of the board of directors of association 49+ the French-speaking data base, the jury like their close relations.
ARTICLE 5: Registration: For all entrants, each entry must contain: surname, first name, address, post code, town or city, country, telephone number, E-mail, a short biography, and parental authorization for minors.
ARTICLE 6: Criteria of admissibility: The criteria of admissibility are: respecting the theme - originality of the idea submitted - the humour and quality of the drawing. Work considered outside the subject will be disqualified, as will drawings of defamatory and/or racist characters, or characters likely to damage the physical and moral integrity of others. Entrants must also be aware of all these rules, and respect all the instructions.
ARTICLE 7: Terms and Conditions: Entrants of age and legal representatives of entrants who are minors undertake to give all performance rights and rights of reproduction on all types of communication support for written or web based diffusion to the organizers of the competition. From the very fact of their participation, the authors guarantee the organizers and members of the jury against any action, petition, or appeal by third parties concerning the originality of work presented.Participation in the competition implies acceptance of the present rules. Only one entry per amateur or professional cartoonist is allowed. Drawings will not be returned.In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, entrants have right of access and amendment.The association 49+ la BD Francophone, it representatives, members, and organisers cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged, or illegal entries.
ARTICLE 8: The jury: will be composed of 7 people, professional press illustrators and humorous cartoonists, members of association 49+ la BD Francophone, journalists who write for the press, and press attaches. The jury will meet to deliberate before September 10th. There is no appeal against decisions taken by the jury.
ARTICLE 9: Competition prizes:The 50 preselected drawings will illustrate the catalogue of the international cartoonist 2009 competition.Three prizes will be awarded:1st prize: Prix de la Ville de Tourcoing (Town of Tourcoing prize), the winner will receive: Crayon en Nord trophy (Pencil in the North trophy) and the sum of Euro 750 (seven hundred and fifty Euro).2nd prize: Prix du Public; the winner will receive: Crayon en Nord trophy and the sum of Euro 500 (five hundred Euro).3rd prize: Prix de l’Association 49+ la BD Francophone; the winner will receive: Crayon en Nord trophy and the sum of Euro 350 (three hundred and fifty Euro).These people will be informed of the results by post or E-mail, and after its editing, each person will receive a catalogue.Winners will receive their catalogue at the address submitted on their entry form.The three winners will be contacted by the association 49+ la BD Francophone in order to obtain relevant bank details for the transfer of the prize monies.
ARTICLE 10: The present rules are available on the web site:, as well as from the address of: Francine COPPENS, the association "49+ la BD Francophone", 25 rue du General Marchand, F – 59200 Tourcoing - FRANCEAs this is a competition, no expenses will be reimbursed.49+ la BD Francophone Maison Maria et Gustave Dron, 91 rue d'Austerlitz F 59200 TOURCOINGTel: - E-mail: bdfrancophone@free.frWeb site:

Monday, May 11, 2009

3rd Cartoonale "De Geus" Lebbeke - Belgium

The cultural association ‘De Geus’, Belgium organises every two year a cartooncontest.
very person older than 16 years may participate in this contest.
* The cartoons sent in should be original and not published before. All graphic technics are allowed. Text is not allowed.
* The themes treated are free.
* The cartoons should be drawed on solid paper of 21 cm x 29,7 cm (Din A4).
* There is no restriction of the number of sendings in.* On the backside of each cartoon the name of the cartoonist must be mentioned with his address.
4. Deadline
The cartoons (without passe-partout) must be solidly packed and at latest the 20th of August 2009 sent tot the following address together with the entry form/Cartoonale ‘De Geus’ 2009, Clement Vlassenroot, Duivenkeetstraat 16, B-9280 Lebbeke BELGIUM
5. Right of publicationParticipating in the contest the cartoondrawer agrees that the cartoons sent in will be used for an exposition as mentioned in the rules. The awarded cartoons remain property of the organisers.
The jury acts autonomously on awarding prizes.There is no correspondence allowed with the jury about his decisions.
By the jury four prizes are adjudged:1st prize : 500 Euro2nd prize : 250 Euro3rd prize : 150 Euro4th prize : 150 Euro for the best classified artist under 25 years old.
The results of the contest will be announced on Friday the 25th of September at 19.30 h in gallery ‘De Fontein’.A selection of the cartoons will be exposed in art – gallery ‘De Fontein’ in Lebbeke on the 25th, 26th, 27th of September and the 3rd and 4th of October.
The cartoons will be sent back only if it is marked on the entry form.The organisator is not responsible neither for lost nor for damaged cartoons during the sending in and sending back.
10 By his or her participation the artist agrees with these rules.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Condiciones de participación:
La Muestra estará abierta a todos los caricaturistas y humoristas gráficos del mundo.
La fecha límite para la entrega de los trabajos será el 15 de septiembre del 2009.
Los temas de la Muestra son: a) CRISIS, ¿CUÁL CRISIS? y b) LIBRE.
Cada uno de los participantes podrá presentar un máximo de tres trabajos por tema.
Todos los trabajos presentados deberán ser originales o imágenes digitales firmadas por el artista. (No se aceptarán fotografías, fotocopias, etc.)
Las obras podrán ser elaboradas en blanco y negro o a color.
Las dimensiones de los trabajos serán de un máximo de 30x40 centímetros.
Se podrá participar con obras que hayan estado en otros eventos e inclusive que obtuvieron premios en diversos concursos.
El envío de las obras correrá por cuenta del participante.
Cada obra llevará en el reverso el nombre, apellido, dirección, correo electrónico y país de origen del participante.
Cada participante enviará en sobre aparte un breve currículo y su fotografía, así como cualquier dato que quiera agregar.
Habrá un jurado de selección y una curaduría de la Muestra.
Las obras presentadas no serán devueltas (a excepción de las recibidas por préstamo ó condicionadas) y entrarán a formar parte de la colección del Museo de la Caricatura y del Cómic del “Valle de Aburrá” —Colombia—; así mismo, cada obra y su autor tendrán una carpeta y lugar en esta colección, y en el museo virtual del evento.
La organización se reserva el derecho de exhibir aquellas obras que atenten contra derechos individuales o colectivos.
La participación en esta Muestra supone la aceptación íntegra y sin reservas de estas condiciones.
Las obras seleccionadas se publicarán en nuestra página web y en un libro de próxima aparición, que contendrá las obras de los eventos realizados.Premios: 1º Gran premio: US$1.000. 2º Premios especiales ofrecidos por varias instituciones. 3º Menciones honoríficas
Dirección: Los trabajos han de enviarse a: 5ª Muestra Mundial de Caricatura “Valle de Aburrá” – Colombia Carrera 55 #49-51- Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana —Departamento de Bienestar Universitario—Teléfonos 270 77 24 - 511 21 99, extensión 134 y cel.3017568331- 314 777 1291 - Medellín – Antioquia – Colombia
The conditions:
The contest is open to all the graphical caricaturists and humorists the world.
The dead line for entries is September 15th 2009.
The themes of the competition are: a) CRISIS, WHICH CRISIS? and b) IT FREES.
Each participant con present in the competition a maximum of three cartoons for theme.
The cartoons presented must be in original or digital images signed by the artist, we don it accept photography.
You can participate with cartoons in white or black or in colour.
The size of cartoons will not exceed 30 X 40 cms. Maximum.
You can also participate with cartoons that have abrade be published or rewarded previously.
Each participants will pay to send the cartoon.
Each cartoons will have in the back the name, last name, address an e-mail of the participant.
Participants are requested to send, together wit their cartoons, a short curriculum vitae and photography.
There will be selection judges.
The send cartoons won it be returned ( except the ones received as borrowed), and they will take parted in the cartoons and comic Colombian museum. Each cartoon and its author will have a carpet and a place in this collection.
The organization has all rights reserved to exhibit the cartoons that attempt to individual or collective rights.
The cartoons selected of 1º and 2º event will be published in a catalogue (by infrastructure problems the catalogue of the first event could not be printed).
The selected works will publish in our page Web and a book of next appearance, that will contain works of the made events.
The Prizes
1° Grand Prix: US$ 1.000
2° Special prizes offered by various institutions
3° Special mentions
The works should be sent to:
5ª Muestra Mundial de Caricatura “ Valle de Aburra”-Colombia
Carrera 55 # 49-51
Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana-Departamento de Bienestar Universitario-
Telephone 270 77 24 – 5112199, ext. 134 y cel. 314 7771291
Medellín – Antioquia – Colombia

Thursday, May 07, 2009

2009 China Guangxi City College International Cartoon Contest

1) Themes:
A) Global Financial Crisis;
B) Free Theme.
2) Hosts & Sponsors: Hosts: Guangxi City College; Sponsors: FreeCartoonsWeb.
3) Deadline: August 28th, 2009 (The arrival of the works)
4) Entries:(1) Size: A3 (297 mm × 420 mm).(2) Quantity: 6 pictures as the most for each person.(3) Works must be the hand drawing original by cartoonists, the ways of representation are free. Pictures with color or homophony are both allowed, it would be better if the works are good for exhibition. Computer working pictures are not accepted in this contest.(4) Works must be drawn independently. The pictures which were rewarded will not be rewarded in this contest.(5) Please sign the themes, author’s names, address& postal code, E-mail address at the back of the pictures.
5) Mail to:(1) Mail address: Liang Ming, Guangxi City College International Cartoon Contest Committee, Fusui Street, Fusui County, Guangxi Province, 532100 China.(2) Please mail the original works, recommend to use the big envelope. Do not pucker the pictures! Any production which is broken during mailing would not participate in the exhibition.(3) Please fill in the blank of personal data, mail together with the works.
6) Jury & Secretariat Members:President of Judgment Committee: Huang Qigong (China)Members: Xia Dachuan (China), Massoud Shojai Tabatabai (Iran), Yuriy Kosobukin(Ukraine), Askin Ayrancioglu(Turkey).Secretary-general: Huang QigongAssistant Secretary-general: Jiang Lidong, Zhang Wei.
7) Choosing and Presenting works:The contest organization committee will invite the domestic and foreign renowned cartoonists to form the appraisal committee, who will discuss and elect the excellent works, simultaneously, they will host the corresponding evaluation work on the line too.After the election had ended, we will invite the cartoonists who got the prizes and the appraisal committee to come to the Guangxi City College or the Guangxi Museum to attend the contest presentation ceremony, please pay attention to the announcement of media by the organization committee.
8) Copyrights:Guangxi City College has the following rights to the participative works:(1) The works will be displayed permanently on the website of Guangxi City College;(2) The works can be collected, published, and displayed or auctioned in public;(3) The works can be published in other media and publications;(4) The organization unit can authorize others’ legitimate applications.All participative authors regarded as tacitly approve this contest rule.
9) Awards:Gold Medal (1 person): Bonus 18800 Yuan and certificate, picture albumSilver Medal (2 persons): Bonus 8800 Yuan and certificate, picture albumCopper Medal (4 persons): Bonus 3800 Yuan and certificate, picture albumBest Network Human Spirit Prize (1 person): Bonus 6800 Yuan and certificate, picture albumExcellent Prize (20 persons): Certificate, picture albumBeing Selected (200 persons): Certificate, picture album10)
Contact:Guangxi City College website:
Contest organization committee official website:
Cartoon Organization committee office emails: ;
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dia do Veterinário na Internet

Envie comentários e fotos para o caso de parecer sobre o Dia do Veterinário na Internet e comemoração do 13 º aniversário da nossa comunidade para veterinários ser recebido pelo público 15. Maio.
Convocatoria a humoristas de chistes gráficos desde Chamada de gráficos piadas de comediantes
hace una invitación pública a los humoristas y dibujantes de chistes gráficos para enviar a chistes gráficos , en un solo dibujo o en formato viñetas, que tengan como objetivo central a um concurso público para cartunistas e designers gráficos para enviar piadas piadas gráficos em um único desenho ou um desenho animado, tem como objectivo a la Veterinaria o Veterinário o al veterinario en cualquiera de sus facetas profesionales (médica, quirúrgica, producción pecuaria, higiene alimentaria, docente, investigadora, medio ambiente, protección animal, etc.). veterinário ou qualquer de suas facetas profissionais (médicos, cirúrgicos, produção animal, higiene alimentar, o ensino, investigação, ambiente, a protecção dos animais, etc) ..
Los dibujos deberán enviarse en formato .gif o .jpg, podrán ser en blanco y negro oa color y, preferentemente con unas dimensiones de 500 pixel de ancho. Os desenhos devem ser apresentados por gif ou. Jpg, pode ser preto e branco ou colorido, de preferência com um tamanho de 500 pixels de largura.
Todos los chistes gráficos recibidos se integrarán la galería de humor del Portal con una clara referencia a su autor y disponiendo un link a su página web oa su email y los tres más votados por los visitantes y usuarios de se publicar además en un número de REDVET Revista Electrónica de Veterinaria. Todas as piadas recebidas gráficos integrados galeria humor portal com uma clara referência ao autor e fornecendo um link para seu site ou seu e-mail e os três mais votados pelos visitantes para também irá publicar um número REDVET Revista Electrónica de Veterinaria.
Esta convocatoria se integra dentro de las acciones en conmemoración del 13 aniversario de as como de la celebración del Día del Veterinario en Internet. Este apelo é parte das atividades de comemoração do 13 º aniversário, bem como o Dia do veterinário na Internet.
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