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The International Exhibition "Gaza” Syriacartoon website – 2008-2009

Special Gallery:
Theme: GAZA in Fire
Entries: max. 2 cartoons, on colour or b/w (from archive too)
Size: JPEG - format with 800×600 Pixels and 200 DPI
Deadline: 15/1/2009.
All selected works will be awarded (Certificate).Send your cartoons by email:
Works should be accompanied by the author's photo or caricature and a short biography (doc format).
Some of accepted works will be printed in a brochure, on posters and will be published on syriacartoon website:

Monday, December 29, 2008


10. DEADLINE : 2009 February 15
Dear Madam, Sir,
For the seventeenth time already our association is organizing a cartoon contest. Firstly, we would like to thank all participants of the 2007 contest. The large number of entries proves their confidence in our organisation and this is a real incentive for us to do even better in 2009. We hope we can count on your collaboration and wish you a lot of success!
Rudy GheysensPresident
1. Theme: “Sand, Pebble and Gravel“
2. The number of entries is limited until 5. They shall not have been exhibited or published before. Works must be originals and any kind of graphical technique will be accepted, including digital artwork if they are originally signed and if the print is number one (manual numbered).
3. The works have to be sent to the following address:
Our website will inform you if your works have arrived. The list of participants will regularly be updated.
4. The drawings shall have the following dimensions: 210 x 297 mm (A4) - (8.268 x 11.693 inches). The works shall not be provided by a passe-partout, neither be stuck on to a larger paper. The drawing must bear, on the reverse side, the surname, forename and address of the participant. The drawings shall not bear subtitles.
5. By virtue of their participation, the participants authorize the organizers to publish some of their works that they have received (in the catalogue and for the promotion of the exhibition).
6. The following prizes are foreseen:1st prize € 1.600 + trophy 2nd prize: € 1.400 + trophy 3rd prize: € 1.200 + trophy Prize of the ECC: personal exhibition in the ECC Prize of the EU: €750 Best Belgian Cartoon: €350
7. By participating the participant lends his works to the organizers for exhibitions. The works received will remain at the disposal of the organizers until 01.11.2010.
8. The entries will only be sent back by the organizers on receiving a written request. The awarded works will become the property of the organizers.
9. If after announcement of the prizes, it appears that plagiarism has been committed, the jury can after deliberation withdraw the prize.
10. DEADLINE : 2009 February 15
Exhibition: during the Eastern Weekend and each Sunday from the 19th of April till the 21th of June 2009 – European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem.
Opening of the exhibition: Saturday 11th of April 2009.
In order to receive the free catalogue, please attach six (6) coupons "international reply" to cover the postage. These coupons are available in your local post office.
The organisation wants to award a prize to cartoons on the theme “sand, pebble and gravel” (industrial materials, extraction and application). Cartoons on the theme beach, deserts,... are not under consideration for a prize. You can find some more information or inspiration on the site
Entry form:

Monday, December 22, 2008


The UNO has announced the year 2009 to be celebrated as the “World Children’s Year”. We also would like to contribute to this concept by organizing the 2nd International Manisa-Mesir Cartoon Contest.
Well, children are our future. What are we going to leave them? Super shoes that did not exist in our childhood, multifunctional cellular phones, giant colorful TVs, 3D cinema, Harry Potter tales, the whole computer technology and the Internet, space dreams… Those things are not few, but what about nutrition, shelter, security, health services, education? The negative or even horrible things in each of those fields are so many that they stick to my throat…
Some of these children are going to be tomorrow’s respected governors, great scientists, art geniuses and super sports people. Unfortunately the ones who do the wrong, bad and ugly things are going to be raised among them, as well. And we are the ones to show them the way. Let’s leave them confidence in future, high moral values and peaceful relationships with neighbors.
So come on dear cartoonists, for our hopeful future and happy children…
Bülent KAR
Mayor of Manisa
JURY:Tonguç Yaşar : Cartoonist from Turkey,Natasa S. Kostovska : Cartoonist from Macedonia,Grzegorz Szumowski : Cartoonist from Poland,Massoud Shojai Tabatabai : Cartoonist from Iran,Eray Özbek : Cartoonist from Turkey,Cem Koç : Cartoonist from Turkey.
Prizes will be awarded as follows:First Prize : 2500 €Second Prize : 1750 €Third Prize : 1000 €
* This contest is open to professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world.
* The cartoons may not have been previously awarded and must be based on the original idea of the artist. Cartoons that are deemed by the jury to be the same or closely similar to that known to be the work of another cartoonist will not be judged. Discussions and probable claims according all sorts of plagiarism are at the expense of the participant.
* The participation will be only by internet. Consequently, digital artworks will be also accepted.
* The artists shall not present more than 2 (TWO) works. Otherwise, all of them will not be judged.The properties of the works :
* Minimum A4 (210 X 297 mm), maximum A3 (297 X 420 mm), in JPEG format with 300 dpi resolution. Maximum: 3 MB.
* A separate e-mail for each work. The full name, address, telephone number of the artist is to be stated on the each mail with a brief CV (max. 350 characters).
* The artists will call these cartoons and CV files with their own names. For example: Semih Berker-1 (or 2).jpg and Semih Berker.doc
* The young domestic cartoonists under 18 years must add their ages also. For example: Semih Berker-1(17). For this category, there is a special “youth” prize.
* Address to send submissions in digital form:
* The deadline: Entries to reach the organizers by 02 February 2009, Monday,12.00 am midday.
* If the number of the participating cartoons will be very much; the members of the jury in Turkey will do a primary election before the meeting of the jury. If a foreign juror wants to see other works, he/she can look at them and can add his/her selections.
* Jury will meet on February 9th, 2009 and on the same day, the winner cartoons will be declared and will be published in internet. The results will become definite in the 20th of February 2008. Other contradictions to decisions of the jury are not allowed.
* Prize giving ceremony will take place and the exhibition of the selected works will open March 18th, 2009 in Manisa.
* Municipality of Manisa hold the right to publish the cartoons submitted to the contest in any form.
* A catalogue will be published and one copy will be supplied to each artist whose work has been selected for this catalogue.
* Artists submitting cartoons will automatically agree to abide by the above rules.

5th International cartoon contest (SYRIA 2009) theme: Hunger

Dear Cartoonist:
Under auspices of Syrian Ministry of Information, Syria Cartoon website invites you to participate in the 5th International cartoon contest (SYRIA 2009)
Theme: Hunger
1- Each cartoonist can submit a max of (6) original works (black & white or colored). Works made by computer will be accepted.
2- Size: strictly A4 (21X 29.7)
3- Deadline: 20/2/2009
4- On the back of each work the following information should appear: First name - surname - address - tel & fax - e-mail – theme section & title.
5- (NOTE: entry- form is not necessary).
6- The works will be displayed at Syria Cartoon website:
or may be used for promotional purposes; cards, posters, newspapers, catalogs, books, websites, etc. Participants are considered to have accepted all the conditions and are aware that their submitted works may be reprinted and used without permission.
7- All entry works must not be submitted as neither folded nor rolling form.
8 - The works will not be returned.
9 - All the cartoonists whose works will be selected for the exhibition will receive a catalogue & certificate.
10 - The jury will not reward the cartoons submitted to other festivals. The prize winners will be informed by mail. And the results will be declared on (March 2009)
11- Frequency: Annual
12- PRIZES: Golden prize, Silver prize, Bronze prize, Special prize (for 7 cartoonists).
13- (All awards are subject to necessary adjustment. Please check web bulletin.)
14- By submitting the works, the author accepts the rules and regulations of the Contest and the decisions of the Jury.
Contact:President: RAED KHALIL Tel: +963944704973
All works should be sent to:
the 5th International cartoon contest (SYRIA 2009)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

International competition on drawing for women - "Jaka bede ... 2009"

The subject of the competition is a woman, modern and fashionable, joyful and upset one, a wife, mother and a friend but not also a sportswoman, a physician or just the woman... Everybody knows that it is not possible to live without her... ParticipationIn the competition will take a part drawing, cartoons and other plastic arts made in optional technics; those original works that have already been exhibited or published but not being rewarded.
1. Competition will be carried in two categories: DRAWING and SATIRE. The author qualifies his work for the chosen category by himself.
2. Format of work - max A3, amount of work - up to 2 works in each category
3. Entrants are responsible for ensuring the correct postage.
4. Entries must arrive at the address below by not later that 25.02.2009 /deadline/Miroslaw Krzyskowul. Powstancow Warszawy 10/111-400 KetrzynPoland (with additional note: Konkurs)
5. The reverse side of the cartoon and / or drawing should bear the surname, forename and address of the entrant in Latin block letters.
6. A short biographic note and some personal details (the surname, forname, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address) should be added.
7. The condition of returning of sent entries is handing down for the Gallery one selected by the author work.
8. Rewarded works will belong to the organisers.
9. Sending plastic works is synonymous with author's agreement for the regulations of the competition.
1. Entries will be appreciated by the jury selected by organisers among friendly artists and satirists.(Tomasz Woloszyn (2001), Krzysztof Tobola (2002), Dorota Chwalek (2003) Andreas Malecki - Niemcy (2003), Daniel Strzelczyk (2005), Slawomir Luczynski (2006), Miroslaw Krzykow, Bretislav Kovarik, Stanislav Ashmarin, Anna Sokolska, Dariusz Wojcik, Malgorzata Gnys)Never work of jurors subjected estimate and they are exposed (set out) beyond competition.
2. Prizes will be appropriate, unexpected and original.
3. Awards are handed in during the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Jaka bede..." or during the summer /plener/ in Jedwabno organized specially for laureates of the competition.
On special request of a laureate his award can be sent by mail.
Privileges of the entrants
1. Authors of selected for the exhibition entries will get a gratuitous catalogue.
2. The decision of the festival is predicted to be announced on 10 March 2009 at 17 o'clock
3. The participating in the competition is free of charge.
If you need more details please contact:


1. The SATYRYKON 2009 International Exhibition is an open competition.
2. The objects of the competition are drawings, graphics and other works of fine arts and photography created with the use of optional techniques, being originals, completed within the recent two years (2008-2009), and qualified by artists to:
A) HUMOR and SOCIAL SATIRE (drawing without captions preferred)
B) W O M E N mother, wife, lover, working woman, artist, feminist... (drawing without captions preferred)3. WORKS AWARDED IN OTHER COMPETITIONS will be excluded from the competition.
4. The format of the works - maximum A3 (297 x 420 mm).
5. Works should be sent or delivered by February 7, 2009, packed in a protective cover to:
International Exhibition SATYRYKON-LEGNICA 2009 AKADEMIA RYCERSKA Chojnowska 2, 59-220 Legnica POLAND
Organisers are not responsible for transport damages.
6. Participation in the competition is free of charge. However, the organiser reserve the right to include one of the submitted works in the Satyrykon Gallery. The work, chosen by the author, will in this way cover our costs of mailing (please use capitals).
7. Works should be accompanied by their author's photo or caricature, a short biographical note and a filled application card.
1. Works for the competition will be qualified by the International Jury.
2. The Jury will award the following prizes:
* GRAND PRIX SATYRYKON 2009 - pure gold key and purse amounting to 5.500 PLN
* 2 gold medals and purses amounting to 5.000 PLN* 2 silver medals and purses amounting to 4.500 PLN
* 2 bronze medals and purses amounting to 4.000 PLN* 4 special prizes amounting to 3.500 PLN each
* the Legnica Culture Centre director's award and purse amounting to 3.500 PLN for photographic work.
The Jury has the right of final distribution of the statutory prizes, change of their amount, or non-awarding them or non-awarding the GRAND PRIX SATYRYKON.
Jury's decisions are final.
The competition results will be announced on March 1, 2009 at Satyrykon web site:
N o t e !
Awards are subject to taxation according to the current regulations. The condition to pay the authors is their arrival for the opening of the exhibition and collection of their awards by December 15, 2009, or indicating a bank account the money should be transferred to
1. Authors of work qualified to the exhibition are given a presentation copy of the exhibition catalogue and a free-of-charge place in the catalogue.
2. The organisers provide the competition prize-winners with gratuitous participation in the SATYRYKON 2009 event on June 12-15, 2009.
3. Works sent to the exhibitions will be exhibited in the country and abroad after the main exhibition, and then will be returned to their authors by the end of 2010.
1. The organisers reserve the right to use the sent works for SATYRYKON advertising purposes without any special fees paid to the authors: to be exhibited and reproduced in a variety of advertising materials, as well as printed and circulated in catalogues.
2. The prize-winning works become the property of the organisers and will be included in the collection of the Satyrykon Gallery.
3. The exhibition organisers are the finial judges in interpretation of the regulations.
4. Sending his work the artist agrees to the mentioned above rules and regulations and agree to the publishing of the author's profile in the post-exhibition catalogue.
5. Legnica Centre of Culture and Fundation Satyrykon are organisers of the
SATYRYKON-LEGNICA 2009 International Exhibition
(PL-59-220 Legnica, Chojnowska 2,
tel. 0-048 76 852-23-44)
* Deadline for works reception: February 7, 2009
* Jury meeting: February 20-22, 2009
* Post-competition exhibition: June 4 - August 30, 2009*
Return of works after the exhibition cycle: December 31, 2010.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The “Byzant”—Visual Art Center is organizing the 10-th Annual international
Comic art exhibition to be held in Prilep , Macedonia. The topic is :”Visions”- ( Dreams, life,borders,walls, war,sex,food,sports,people,zoo, natural…)
1.Participation is open to all artists of comics that currently publish or have
published in national or international mass media and not published.
2.Participation will consist of an entry on the topic :,,VISIONS”.The format can be 21 x29,7cm -A4 Gallery formate.Send only good laser copy .Each works must bear the signature or initials of the artist at the front,with name,surname,adress,telephone numberand e-mail address indicated on the back.
3.The entries should be packaged to protect the contents.The organization recommends placing the entry between two pieces of cardboard .Shipping will be paid by the participant. On packaged sign :,,PRINT OUT OF VALUE”. The organization is not responsible for any damage caused during shipment.
4.December 30th is the deadline for resident authors in Balkans,and Febryary 30th for participants of the other countries.The entries must be sent to the following address:
,,VIZANT,,-Visual Art Center
“Dimo Narednikot”;58
Contact person :Spirco
5.The entries selected by the Committee will be displayed in the 10th annual international exhibition of comic Arts.
6.The entries become part of the “Byzant,,-visual art center archive.The entryes may be displayed in all the premises of the ,,Vizant”-Visual Art center in itinerant exhibitions, and in publications that are periodically published.
7.The ,,Vizant”-Visual Art center has the right to reproduce and circulate the entries,whenever the authors “s name appears and the main objective is the dissemination of the exhibition or the participation in other activities of the “Vizant”-Art center general in area of art comix,that is to say, catalogues,posters,the press,web pages,etc…without generating any obligation towards the participating authors.
8.The organization will communicate through its web page or by means of letter the name of the authors whose entry has been received as well as the names of the selected entries..The authors will be informed of accommodation conditions if they want attend the exhibition opening or any acttivities parallel to this event.
9.Once the exhibition has closed in Bitola, all the authors whose work has been selected will receive a copy of the publication made for the exhibition.
10.The organization reserves the right to not exibit those entries considered to be an affront to individual or collective rights.
11.Awards.Invited 5 artists on international comic art collony in Macedonia
traveling expenses,visa,accomodation is a to ensure from organizateur.
12.Participation in the exhibition means the complete acceptance of all the above conditions.

Monday, December 08, 2008


Two categories:
First Category:– Cartoon
First Prize300 Euros
Second Prize200 Euros
Third Prize100 Euros
Special Diploma5 diplomas
Honorable Mentioned Diploma3 diplomas
Second Category:
Short Comics (one table. without words)
Prize200 EurosSpecial Diploma5 diplomas
Technique:Any technique will be accepted.
Deadline:December 31st 2008
Maximum entry (for each category, separately): 7 (seven)You may send by post or e-mail (A4 - A3 size).
Post address:
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Note: You may send originals, but we will not send you back!
Address for sending by
Note: 300 dpi resolution, JPEG format!
In both cases sending, please, write your name, address and e-mail.
Note: Sender must be author of caricature!
Attention: Because, at the same time, we have one more competition, please, write on envelope, or in Subject (depends how you send): "FOR TOURISM CARTOON/COMICS COMPETITION!"
Yuri:Mr. Goran Kljajich, president; writer, founder of "RhinoCervs" magazine and this competition; Republic of SrpskaMr. Miladin Berich, writer, vice-president; Republika SrpskaMs. Ana von Rebeur, Cartoonist & Writer, ArgentinaMiss. Stela Dusanich, Cartoon Gallery Director, CroatiaMr. Carlos Alberto da Costa Amorim, Cartoonist, BrazilMr. Zoran Matich Mazos, Graphical designer & Cartoonist, Serbia

Sunday, December 07, 2008

48. Knokke-Heist International Cartoonfestival 2008

DEADLINE: January 12th 2009
1. This contest is open to anybody aged at least 18. By the simple fact of participating, all contestants accept the conditions and provisions of these regulations and agree to abide by the decisions of the jury. There will be no correspondance about this competition. The Belgian law is applied as far as the tax on the prizes awarded to foreign participants is concerned.
2. THEMES: A. No theme ( free)
3. ENTRIES -In total 5 cartoons
3.1 The entries
a) must be original cartoons; in black and white or in colour
b) may not as yet have been exhibited in Belgium, nor have won a prize at another festival.
c) may bear no captions
d) must be sent- either flat and not folded- or not folded, rolled in a hard case
Remark : The entries (dimensions, number, etc.) and the registration form (signature, date of birth) which do not comply with the above mentioned articles will not be taken into consideration for the international competition and will be returned to the sender.
4. DIMENSIONS OF THE CARTOONSA : min. 21 cm and max. 42 cmB : min. 30 cm and max. 60 cm.Cartoons already under glass, framed or on other materials than paper will not be eligible for the exhibition.
5. ENTRY FORMYour participation will only be taken into account if your entry form carries your date of birth as well as your signature. Every cartoon must state the surname and first name of the author on the back. Postage must be paid by the participants.
6. PROPERTY RIGHTSBy the mere fact of taking part in the contest, the participants empower the organizing association to make use of their entries for promotional purposes on behalf of the International Cartoon festival and the seaside resort of Knokke-Heist (cartoonbook, catalogue, publicity in the press and other media, posters, folders, calendar, official gifts by the local authorities and/or the festivals organizers, etc.)
7. JURYAmong the entries, a jury makes a selection for the exhibition and appoints the prize-winners.
8. ADMISSION TO THE EXHIBITIONUpon presentation of the receipt of their entries, all contestants will be admitted to the exhibition without charge.
9. PROPERTY OF THE ORGANIZING ASSOCIATIONAll award-winning entries will become property of the organizing association. The organizing association will have the option to retain one drawing at the most of every contestant whose work was selected. Article 6. will be applicable.
10. CATALOGUE / CARTOONBOOKIn cooperation with the" Davidsfonds Leuven "a catalogue / cartoonbook will be edited according to the technical and financial means. Selected participants are entitled to one catalogue.
11. RETURN MAILThe charges for returning such works as will not become the property of the organizing association will be borne by the latter. The organizers will endeavour to handle the return forwardings with the utmost care but cannot be held responsible for loss or damages.
1 Golden Hat - 3.500 Euro(including fligth and hotel accommodation in Knokke-Heist during openings weekend)
2 Silver Hat - 2.000 Euro(including fligth and hotel accommodation in Knokke-Heist during openings weekend)
3 Bronze Hat - 1.250 Euro(including fligth and hotel accommodation in Knokke-Heist during openings weekend)
4 Knack cartoon Award - 500 Euro5 Publics Prize - 2008 - 500 Euro
vzwMeerlaan 32, B-8300 Knokke-Heist Belgium tel:+3250630.430
fax: + 3250630.429
Entry Form: Complete regulations

Thursday, December 04, 2008


La Unió de Periodistes Valencians (UPV) en colaboración con FECO ESPAÑA organiza la 3ª MUESTRA DE HUMOR GRÁFICO con el patrocinio de la Caja Mediterráneo (CAM). El objetivo de la Muestra es destacar el papel fundamental del humorismo gráfico en los temas que preocupan a la sociedad. El humor gráfico es un género periodístico de denuncia y de compromiso cívico, que pretende contribuir a la reflexión y a la acción.

1. Tema: ¿EVOLUCIÓN O CREACIONISMO?. 2009 ha sido declarado el “Año Darwin”, debido a que se celebra el bicentenario del nacimiento de Charles Darwin y el 150 aniversario de la publicación “El origen de las especies”, que eliminó la necesidad de Dios para explicar nuestra presencia en el planeta Tierra, en contraposición con los creacionistas que, basándose en las teorias del reverendo Paley, niegan la evolución e intentan explicar el origen divino del ser humano.
2. La Muestra está abierta a profesionales y aficionados.
3. El plazo de recepción de las obras es el día 28 de febrero de 2009.
4. Un Jurado formado por especialistas cualificados realizará una selección de las obras presentadas.
5. Los dibujos seleccionados se expondrán en la ciudad de Valencia, en el Aula de Cultura CAM “La Llotgeta”, durante los días del 23 de abril al 29 de mayo de 2009. A partir de esta fecha, la Muestra irá itinerante por diversas ciudades. Finalizada la Muestra itinerante, se devolverán las obras a los autores/ras que así lo manifiesten.
6. El tamaño de las obras será: din A4 (210x297mm), o din A3 (297x420mm). Los dibujos que no se ajusten a estas medidas podrán ser descalificados
7. El número máximo de obras son 3, en blanco y negro o color, sin texto y en cualquier técnica.
8. Detrás de cada obra figurará: Nombre, dirección, teléfono, y correo electrónico del autor/a, así como el título de la obra.
9. Los dibujos tendrán que ser originales. Se aceptarán dibujos realizados de forma digital, firmados por el autor/a. No se aceptarán fotocopias.
10. Al finalizar la Muestra y la exposición itinerante, se devolverán las obras originales solicitada por los autores, a expensas de la organización, pero no las obras digitales.
11. Se editará un catálogo con las obras seleccionadas que se enviará a los autores/as seleccionados/das.
12. Las obras deberán de enviarse a: FECO ESPAÑA. C/ Cooperativa San Fernando, 7-8ª. 46007 VALENCIA (España).
13. És imprescindible enviar la hoja de inscripción junto a las obras y un breve currículum vitae.
14. La organización no se responsabiliza de posibles daños ocurridos en el transporte, ajenos a la misma.
15. Los autores/as que lo deseen podrán ceder gratuitamente su obra a la organización de la Muestra con la finalidad de que forme parte de un Fondo Documental Internacional de Humor Gráfico, que será depositada para su conservación, difusión y estudio en una institución pública valenciana. El autor/a que acepte formar parte de este Fondo deberá dar su autorización indicándolo en la hoja de inscripción. El Fondo tiene como objeto la organización de exposiciones periódicas de carácter itinerante, la publicación de catálogos y la creación de un archivo documental internacional sobre el humor gráfico, respetando siempre la autoría y la propiedad intelectual.
16. La aceptación de estas Bases por los participantes implica la cesión de los derechos de autor a la organización, únicamente para la difusión informativa, la edición de los catálogos y la Muestra itinerante. La reproducción de las obras seleccionadas no implicará ningún pago por parte de la organización, ya que tanto los catálogos como la exposición itinerante no tienen ninguna finalidad lucrativa.

La Unió de Periodistes Valencians (UPV) en col·laboració amb FECO ESPAÑA organitza la 3ª MOSTRA D’HUMOR GRÀFIC amb el patrocini de Caja Mediterráneo (CAM). L’objectiu de la Mostra és destacar el paper fonamental de l’humorisme gràfic en els temes que preocupen a la societat. L’humor gràfic és un génere periodístic de denuncia i de compromís cívic, que preten contribuir a la reflexió i a l’acció
1. Tema: EVOLUCIÓ O CREACIONISME?. 2009 ha estat declarat l”Any Darwin” degut a que se celebra el bicentenari del naixement de Charles Darwin i el 150 aniversari de la publicació “L’origen de les espècies”, que va eliminar la necessitat de Déu per explicar la nostra presència al planeta Terra, en contraposició amb els creacionistes que, basant-se en les teories del reverend Paley, neguen l’evolució intentant explicar l’origen diví del ser humà.
2. La Mostra està oberta a professionals i aficionats.
3. El termini de recepció de les obres és el dia 28 de febrer de 2009.
4. Un Jurat format per especialistes qualificats realitzarà la selecció d’entre les obres presentades.
5. Els dibuixos seleccionats s’exposaran a la ciutat de València, a l’Aula de Cultura CAM “La Llotgeta”, del 23 d’abril al 29 de maig de 2009. A partir
d’eixa data la Mostra anirà itinerant per diverses ciutats. Finalitzada la Mostra
itinerant, es tornaran les obres als/les autors/res que així ho manifesten.
6. El tamany de les obres serà din A4 (210x297mm) o din A3 (297x420mm). Els dibuixos que no s’ajusten a aquestes mesures podran ser desqualificats.
7. El número màxim d’obres són 3, en blanc i negre o color, sense text i en qualsevol tècnica.
8. Darrere de cada obra figurarà: Nom, adreça, telèfon i correu electrònic de l’autor/a, així com el títol de l’obra.
9. Els dibuixos deuran ser originals. S’acceptaran dibuixos realitzats de forma digital, signats per l’autor. No s’acceptaran fotocòpies.
10. Al finalitzar la Mostra i l’exposició itinerant es tornaran les obres originals sol·licitades pels autors, a expenses de l’organització, però no les obres digitals.
11. S’editarà un catàleg amb les obres seleccionades que s’enviarà als/les autors/res seleccionats/des.
12. Les obres deuran enviar-se a: FECO ESPAÑA. C/ Cooperativa San Fernando, 7-8ª. 46007 VALÈNCIA –España-
13. És imprescindible enviar el full d’inscripció junt a les obres i un breu curriculum.
14. L’organització no es responsabilitza de possibles d’anys ocorreguts en el transport, aliens a la mateixa.
15. Els autors i autores que ho desitgen podran cedir gratuitament la seua obra a l’organització de la Mostra amb la finalitat que forme part d’un Fons Documental Internacional d’Humor Gràfic, que serà dipositat per a la seua conservació, difusió i estudi en una institució pública valenciana. L’autor o autora que accepte formar part d’aquest Fons haurà de donar la seua autorització indicant-ho al full d’inscripció. El Fons té com a objecte l’organització d’exposicions periòdiques de caràcter itinerant, la publicació de catàlegs i la creació d’un arxiu documental internacional al voltant de l’humor gràfic, respectant sempre l’autoria i propietat intel·lectual.
16. L’acceptació d’aquestes Bases pels participants implica la cessió dels drets d’autor a l’organització, únicament per a la difusió informativa, l’edició dels catàlegs i la Mostra itinerant. La reproducció de les obres seleccionades no implicarà cap pagament per part de l’organització, ja que tant els catàlegs
com l’exposició itinerant no tenen cap finalitat lucrativa.

The Valencian Journalists Union (Unió de Periodistes Valencians - UPV) in collaboration with FECO-Spain organizes the 3rd. EXHIBITION OF GRAPHIC HUMOR and with the sponsorship of Caja Mediterráneo (CAM). The aim of this exhibition is to emphasize how important graphic humour is for freedom of expression. Graphic humour is a journalistic genre highly charged with denunciation and civic compromise, which contributes to the reflection and the action.
1. Theme: EVOLUTION OR CREATIONISM? 2009 has been designated as ‘Darwin Year’ due to is the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birthday and his book ‘The origin of species’ is 150 years. His work excludes God to explain the mankind presence in the Earth versus the creationist ideas that refuse evolution and try to explain the mankind’s divine origin according to Reverend Paley’s theories.
2. The contest is open for professionals and amateurs.
3. Deadline is on 28th February 2009.
4. A jury of qualified experts will make a selection of the works which have been submitted.
5. The selected drawings will be exhibited at “La Llotgeta Exhibition Hall” of the CAM in Valencia, between April 23rd and May 29th 2009. From this date, it will be a travelling exhibition in several cities. After that, the artists will be able to ask for their drawings to be returned to them.
6. Drawing size limits: A4 (210mm x 297mm) or A3 (297mm x 420mm). The works with different sizes to these ones will be disqualified.
7. Maximum number of drawings per artist is 3, black & white or coloured, without text. Any kind of style and technique will be accepted.
8. Every drawing must be signed at the back with the following information: name, address, phone, e-mail, and the work’s title.
9. The drawings must be original. Digital drawing will be accepted with the author signature. Copies will not be accepted.
10. Once the exhibition and the travelling one have finished, the organization will returned the original drawings to the authors that have asked for it. The digital works will not be returned.
11. A catalogue will be edited with all the selected cartoons. Each selected author will receive one copy of the catalogue.
12. Send the drawings to: FECO-España. C/ Cooperativa San Fernando, 7- 8ª. 46007. Valencia (Spain).
13. It will be indispensable to send the entry form and a short curriculum vitae along with the drawings.
14. The organization does not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any drawing for reasons beyond its control.
15. The drawings can be given free for the organization of the Exhibition to be part of an International Documental Funds of Graphic Humour. All of them will be deposited for their preservation, spreading and study in a Valencian institution. The authors who want to be part of this Funds must express their authorization in the entry form. The Funds objective is the organization of periodical and travelling exhibitions, the catalogues publication and the foundation of an international documental archive about the graphic humour where the author rights and intellectual property will be respected.
16. Accepting these rules means the cession of the author rights to the organization, only for the exhibition spreading, the catalogues edition and the travelling exhibition. Reproducing the selected works will not have any cost for the organization, since the catalogues and the travelling exhibition
will not have any lucrative purpose.

Unió de periodistes Valencians
Tel. 34 96 392 09 68

FECO España
Federation Cartoonists Organisations
Tel. 34 96 342 30 08

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People Palestinian

مناسبة اليوم العالمي للتضامن مع الشعب الفلسطيني
فنان الكاريكاتير الفلسطيني/ماجد بدرة يعلن عن انطلاق
"الحملة الدولية لمناصرة ودعم القضية الفلسطينية"

أعلن فنان الكاريكاتير الفلسطيني /ماجد خليل بدرة عن انطلاق الحملة الدولية لمناصرة القضية الفلسطينية ,والتي تأتي بمناسبة اليوم العالمي للتضامن مع الشعب الفلسطيني الذي يصادف 29 نوفمبر من كل عام ,والذي أقرته الجمعية العامة للامم المتحدة
وأكد بدرة ان الحملة سيشارك بها فنانين وسياسيين وقوى وطنية وتقدمية مؤيدة للشعب الفلسطيني ولحقوقه الوطنية المشروعة ولقضية السلام العادل والدائم من كل دول العالم ,وتطالب الامم المتحدة بتطبيق القرارات المتعلقة بالقضية الفلسطينية ,وعلى رأسها قرارات 181/242/338/194,وأن تتحمل مسؤولياتها تجاه شعبنا ,ورفع الحصار عن قطاع غزة ,والضغط على اسرائيل لوقف جرائمها واعتداءاتها المتواصلة ووقف الاستيطان وجدار الفصل العنصري.
ودعا الى ضرورة الالتفاف حول الحملة والمشاركة الواسعة والتوقيع على المذكرة التي تم اعدادها من خلال الموقع الاكتروني
والتي سيتم توجيهها الى الامم المتحدة
وننتظر مشاركتكم على الموقع الالكتروني
او على البريد الالكتروني
وتزويدنا بالبيانات التالية
(الاسم .... البلد .... المهنة ..... المؤسسة ... رقم الهوية ....البريد الالكتروني..... ملاحظات ....)

On the occasion of International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People Palestinian cartoonist / Majed Badra announce the launch of "International Campaign to advocate and support the Palestinian issue" Palestinian cartoontist / Majed Khalil Badra announced the launch of the International Campaign to support the Palestinian issue, which is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People which falls on November 29 of each year, and endorsed by the UN General Assembly. Badra stressed that artists, politicians and nationalist forces and progressive support of the Palestinian people and their legitimate national rights and the cause of a just and lasting peace from all over the world will participate in the campaign, and demands the application of UN resolutions on the Palestinian issue, chiefly 181/242/338/194 decisions, and assume its responsibilities towards Our people and end the siege on the Gaza Strip, and force the Israel I occupation to stop there crimes and aggressions and stop the continuing settlements and the wall of apartheid. He advocated the need to rally around the campaign and the broad participation and the signing of the memorandum prepared by the website Which will be directed to the United Nations.

We await your Signatures at the website
Or at thr e-mail
And provide us with the following statements (Name …. country .... .... the occupation …. institution ... ID Number ....e-mail ….. Notes....)

Monday, December 01, 2008

Press Cartoon Europe Grand Prix 2009

1.Participation in PCE is free of charge.
2.The cartoons which you will submit to us must all have appeared in the course of 2008 in a newspaper, magazine or periodical which is available to the general public, and which is published in one of the member countries of the European Union, plus Switzerland.
3.Each cartoon participating in PCE must be accompanied by the name and date of the publication in which it originally appeared.
4.Each cartoon participating in PCE must be accompanied by the author's personal details: family name, first name, full postal address, and telephone numbers, email address, website (if any).
5.Your cartoons, up to a maximum of three, must reach us by Sunday 4th January 2009 at the latest.
6.Only those cartoons sent electronically (jpg format: minimum 300 dpi) to the following address will be considered as valid entries: nathalie@presscartoon.com7.
All texts and captions either within the cartoon or sent with them which are in a language other than French, English, German, or Dutch must be translated into one or another of these four languages.
8.On Monday 12th January 2009 the selection committee of PCE will nominate the cartoons chosen from all those submitted to go forward for the PCE Grand Prix. The authors of these cartoons will be notified immediately.
9.PCE will be authorized to exhibit all nominated cartoons at the International Cartoon Festival at Knokke-Heist on the Belgian coast during the summer of 2009, and also to publish them in the annual of best European press drawings of 2008.
10.PCE will be able to make free use of all the nominated cartoons for any publications or communications in connection with the prize, including press releases, posters, announcements of events organized by PCE such as exhibitions, symposia, etc.
11.The jury, composed of journalists from several EU countries, all of whom are accredited by the European parliament in Brussels, will meet on Wednesday 18th February 2009 at the KVS (Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg – the Royal Flemish Theatre) in Brussels, and will select the winning entry to be awarded the PCE Grand Prix 2009. This meeting will be followed by a press conference during which the name of the winner will be announced.
12.The prize will be awarded during the opening ceremony of the International Cartoon Festival at Knokke-Heist on Saturday 27th June 2009.
13.The author of the winning cartoon will receive a cheque for 10.000 € as well as a bronze trophy created by the Belgian artist Ever Meulen.
14.The decision of the PCE committee is final and no correspondence will be entered into.Wishing you all the very best,pp
PCE:Nathalie Rasschaert, Karel Anthierens, Jasper Foré.