Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The 18th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest (DICACO 2009)

The Daejeon City is inviting world cartoonists to take part in DICACO 2009
1. This year’s contest comprises a Thema section (titled Customs / Costume) and a Free section.
2. The size of works should be smaller than 297 mm×420 mm.
3. Any color, free style, and unlimited items.(+3 Works)
4. Each entrant should provide title, name, age, address, career, e-mail, and telephone number on reverse.
5. The deadline for entry is Jun. 30, 2009.
6. Entries should be addressed to the Daejeon International Cartoon Institute, 450, Wolpyeongdong, Daejeon, Seoul 302-280, Korea.
7. The most creative cartoon will win the Grand prize of $3,000, Gold prize of $1,000, Silver prize of $500, Bronze prize of $300, and 300 Selected works will be awarded.
8. Exhibit the cartoons at the Daejeon Gallery in Oct. 2009.
9. Submitted cartoons will not be returned, but exhibited forever in Korean public halls, art galleries, & museums.
10. Your cartoon may be used for promotional purposes : cards, posters, catalogs, newspapers, magazine, and books etc.
From Dr.Lim, Cheong San, President of the Daejeon Int’l Cartoon Institute450, Wolpyeongdong, Daejeon, Seoul 302-280, Korea
Tel: 82 (42) 255-9944, 487-5034 C.P: 82-11-425-6115
E-mail: dicaco@paran.com

International Forum of Visual Humour KARIKATURUM 5 - "Passion"

The Surgut Fine Arts Museum invites all artists irrespective of age and nationality to take part in the International Forum of Visual Humour KARIKATURUM - 5.
Topic: PASSION… passion as fascination, craze, dependence, hobby, love, pleasure, fear. It is in everything, that we love and do.
Caricature, sculpture (small the plastic arts).
Primary prizes:
The "Golden Ushanka" Prize - 2000 euroThe "Silver Ushanka" Prize - 1000 euroThe "Bronze Ushanka" Prize - 500 euro
According to legislation of Russian Federation prize money are taxable.
Time constraints:
1. The deadline for entry is the 1st of July 2009.
2. Action period of the Jury is 9-12 of June 2009.
3. Opening of the Exhibition and the Rewarding Ceremony will be on the 12th of June 2010.
The Jury: Vladimir Stepanov (Russia), Stefan Despodov (Bulgaria), Irgi Sliva (Czech), Minsalim Timergazeev (Russia), Svetlana Kruglova (Russia).
Entries: 1. Only original works either new or having partaken in other competitions participate in the competition. The jury will not reward the cartoons which have won prizes in other competitions and Festivals. Creations sent by e-mail will not be accepted.
2. Any style and technique is available.
3. Size: from A4 (210?297) to A2 (420x590). Size of sculpture (small the plastic arts) at discretion of author. On a competition it is possible to present the unlimited amount of works.
4. The works must be carefully packed up. All postal costs are borne by the participants. The Forum has no responsibility for any eventual damage during the sending of the works.
5 The works without the filled Form of the participant will not be accepted to the competition. On the back of each work the following information must appear: name of the author, address, telephone/fax number, e-mail, technique and materials used.
6. Submitted cartoons will not be returned and will stay in the collection of the Surgut Fine Arts Museum. The works can be exhibited in the halls of the Surgut Fine Arts Museum, other galleries to discretion of the Museum. The works may be displayed at the Museum website.
On results 4-kh of the International competitions in the Surgut artistic museum there was unique collection of ironical art (caricature, picture, sculpture), which is claimed not only in Surgut and Russia, but also abroad.
7. The organizers keep the right to publish and replicate the cartoons in the promotional pack of the Forum for promotional purposes of the Forum without feeing. The organizers promise to name the author and the county in all publications.
8. All works are copyright. Each author is responsible of his own creation, the copyright of the eventual texts, titles and images belong to the creators.
9. By submitting the works, the author accepts the rules and regulations of the Contest.
Special conditions:
1. The organizes of the Forum provide the Primary prize-winners for trip to Surgut for the Rewarding Ceremony and back, and accommodation in Surgut.
2. All participants are invited to the Opening of the Exhibition (trip and accommodation are at the expense of the participants).
3. A catalogue will be issued as a result of the Forum. All the cartoonists whose works will be selected for the catalogue will receive a catalogue.
4. The organizes and the sponsors of the Forum can institute some more special prizes after having received all the works.
Contact us:
Tel./fax: +7 (3462) 51-68-16, 51-68-08, 51-68-12
KARIKATURUM - 4International Forum of Visual HumourThe Surgut Fine Arts Museum,21/2, 30 Let Pobedy Str.,Surgut, Tyumen region, Russia, 628403

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Frederic Chopin’s Smile: Cartoon Competition by Muzeum Karykatury - Poland

The Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw is organising a competition for a humouristic/satirical cartoon, which is provisionally entitled "Frederic Chopin’s Smile".
The competition, followed by an exhibition will be a part of Frederic Chopin’s 200th anniversary celebrations in 2010.
Entries can refer to the composer himself and his work as well as to the social/political situation in your own country or the world generally.
Entrants may submit up to five cartoons each, maximum size being A3.
There are no restrictions in terms of techniques used, computer generated images are also acceptable.
Prizes: Overall prizes will be worth around 20,000 euros and in addition there will be a number of sponsored awards.
The detailed rules and conditions of the competition, conforming the deadline for submitting entries, the date of the announcement of the verdict of the jury and the exact details concerning prizes and awards will be posted on our website on the 1st of June 2009.
The museum will host a post-competition exhibition, sometime in the first half of 2010.
Deadline: 15 November 2009
Phone: (+48 22) 827 88 95
The cartoons are to be sent to:
Muzeum Karykatury,
Kozia 11, 00-070 Warszawa - POLAND


Announcement and publication of the Competition: November-December 2008
Deadline for receiving works: 31st May 2009
Sitting of the Jury: June 2009
Announcement of the Jury decision , seminar and the opening of the post competition exhibition: September 2009
PRIZES: GRAND PRIX – PLN 4.000 and Statuette
1st PLACE – PLN 3.000 and Statuette
2nd PLACE – PLN 2.000 and Statuette
3rd PLACE – PLN 1.500 and Statuette
Sponsors’ prizes.
The Organizers have the right to the change in the amount of particular prizes, nonetheless, the total amount of prizes shall remain unchanged.
THE JURY: The Jury comprises of the Organizers representatives as well as artist dealing with art in practice or as theoreticians.
PARTICIPATION: Both professional and amateur cartoonists are eligible to take part in the competition.
A maximum of five original works (format min. A5 – max. A3) in optional technique should be sent or delivered by May 31st, 2009 to the following address:
The Organizers are not responsible for damage or loss during transportation!
The winners as well as cartoonists qualified to participate in the post-competition exhibiton shall be provided with a free copy of a catalogue published by the Organizers.
The Organizers provide the competition prize winners with free acccomodation and boarding during the exhibition event.The winners receive their prizes on condition that they are either present at the opening of the post competition exhibition or else they indicate a bank account where the money is to be transfered.
The works become the property of the Organizers and shall be included in the collection of the False Mirror gallery located in Lubuskie Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Działań Kulturalnych DEBIUT in Zielona Gora.
Every participant in the competition agrees to their free of fees delivery of works to the False Mirror gallery.
Every work delivered to the competition ought to be accompanied (on the reverse) with the readable author’s signature, address and a telephone number.
By sending their works to the competition the participants agree to the abovementioned regulations and they further agree to the free of fees publication of their works for marketing purposes connected with the competition and post competition exhibition.The exhibition organizers are the final judges in the interpretation of these regulations.
By sending his/her works and taking part in the competition the artist agrees to the abovementioned rules and regulations.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Draw your Freedom, Draw your Solidarity – Festiwal Solidarnosci 2009 - Poland

Europejskie Centrum Solidarnosci
European Solidarity Centre
Zaprasza do Udzialu Konkursie Komikksowym
Announces the comi9c Contest

Two categories
- Comics story of 4 boards maximum content
- Satirical Cartoon
Works are to be sent between 1st April and 30th June 2009


To promote creative literature for children and young adults, Fondo de Cultura Económica invites you to participate in the XII “A la orilla del viento” Picture Book Competition.


Open to all writers and illustrators of any age, nationality or country of residence, provided that the entry is in Spanish. FCE employees are not eligible to compete.
Books can be entered by one or more writers/illustrators.
The text and illustrations of books entered into the competition should be unpublished and must not have been submitted simultaneously for any other competition.
The entry should be true to the picture book concept, that is, a book where a story is told through the interaction or interrelation of texts and images. Books that only use illustrations to tell their story will also be accepted, but non-illustrated works are ineligible.
The theme, book format, and illustration technique are open, with a maximum length of 48 pages.
The work must be submitted in a dummy with the finalized design, text, colour and illustrations. Dummies that are incomplete or that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.
The dummy must be signed with a pseudonym and delivered in a sealed envelope containing the full name, address, telephone number and e-mail of the entrant(s). The pseudonym(s) used must be written on the envelope, as well as the entry’s title.
All entries must be sent to the following address:

XIII Concurso de Álbum ilustrado
A la orilla del viento
Libros para niños y jóvenes
Fondo de Cultura Económica
Carretera Ajusco-Picacho 227,
Col. Bosques del pedregal, Del.
Tlalpan, C.P. 14738, Mexico DF.

Entrants from Argentina , Brazil , Colombia , Chile , Spain , USA , Central America , Peru and Venezuela may also send their works to our branches in these countries, to the appropriate address below. Their entries must read “XII Concurso de Álbum ilustrado A la Orilla del Viento”.
The competition is open from the date of its first publication until August 31, 2009. For entries sent by mail, the postmark date is the date that will be considered for this purpose. No works will be received after the deadline.
The jury will consist of well respected figures who are involved in children’s and young adults’ literature. The jury members’ identity will be kept secret and will be revealed when the results are announced. Their decision will be final. The contest may also be declared void.
The prize consists of USD $7,000.00 (Seven thousand US Dollars) and the publication of the book in the FCE Los Especiales de A la Orilla del Viento collection.
The competition results will be published on October 30, 2009 on the official FCE website: www.fondodeculturaeconomica.com
Entrants can enter as many works as they wish. Their entry into the competition implies their agreement with these conditions.

Mexico, March 2009

For further information, please call 52 55) 54 49 18 82 and 54 49 18 80 or write to librosparaninos@fondodeculturaeconomica.com


Argentina. El Salvador 5665, (1414) Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tel. 4771 8977
Brazil. Rua Bartira 351, Perdices São Paulo, CEP 05009-000, Tel. 3672 3397
Colombia. Calle de la Enseñanza (11) No. 5-60, la Candelaria, Bogotá, Tel. 283 2200
Chile. Paseo Bulnes 152, Santiago de Chile, Tel. 594 4100
Spain. Vía de los Poblados 17, Edificio Indubuilding-Goinco 4-15, 28033, Madrid Tel. 763 2800
United States. 2293, Versus Streets, San Diego ,CA. 92154, Tel. 429 0455
Central America. 6a. Avenida 8-65, Zona 9 Guatemala C. A. Tel. (502) 2334 1635
Peru. Jirón Berlín 238, Miraflores, Lima, 18. Tel. 447 2848
Venezuela. Torre Polar, P.B. Local E, Plaza Venezuela, Caracas Tel. 574 4753

Eliana Pasarán
Editora de Ficción
Obras para Niños y Jóvenes

Letras sin fronteras
Carretera Picacho Ajusco 227
Col. Bosques del Pedregal
Delegación Tlalpan
14738 México, D.F.
Teléfono: 5449 1880
Fax: 5449 1873

Thursday, March 19, 2009

8th Int. Biennale Cartoon Pisek 2009

The International Biennale Cartoon Písek (further only Biennale) takes place every odd year since 1995 and is an open competition where authors from the Czech Republic and abroad can attend.
• The Biennale has it’s own logo which can only be used with the agreement of the organizers.
• The organizers are The Town of Písek represented by the department of culture and tourism and the Czech Union of Cartoonists.
1 - Participation Conditions
• The competition is declared by publishing at www.pisek-cartoon.cz, in specialized press and by sending the competition rules to distinguished authors in the Czech Republic and abroad by electronic mail.
• The participant accedes to the rules of the Biennale set in the statues by sending in the cartoons.
• The participant of the competition can be anyone who will meet the following requirements.
2 - Content and Technical Conditions
• Theme: THEATRE• Number of cartoons: minimum 3 (three), maximum 5 (five)
• Format: minimum A4, maximum A3• Cartoon colours: coloured as well as monochrome
• Each cartoon must be signed with the name and address of the participant on the backside.
• Cartoons can be accepted by post and also in electronic form (JPG or PDF format, the cartoon size shall be under 3MB).
• The competition cartoons must not have received any prize in the past in other international competition.
3 - Current Regulations
• The participants agree that the cartoons can be used for promotion and presentation of the Biennale in the Biennale advertising materials and in the means of communication for it’s promotion and also in case of professional review of the author or the Biennale.
• Final cartoons - maximum 40 - will become the property of the Town of Písek. Other cartoons will be returned on request until June 30, 2010.
• The most appreciated foreign author and the most appreciated Czech author will have individual exhibitions within the Biennale 2011. The organizer subsidies the travel costs and covers accommodation for one person and one night.
• The prize-winners and the jury will be invited to the varnishing day and their accommodation will be reimbursed; foreign guests will be also granted the travel expenses in max. sum 100 EUR, paid in CZK according to the current exchange rate.
• The other participants of the Biennale can book their accommodation through the website http://www.pisek.eu/.
• The accommodation can also be paid for invited guests on whom the organisers will agree.
4 - Prizes
• The Main Prize: sandglass clock + 20 000 CZK
• The Town of Písek Award: sandglass clock + 10 000 CZK
• The Miroslav Liďák (Haďák) Prize: sandglass clock + 5 000 CZK
• 3 prizes: sandglass clock + 1 000 CZK• 4 prizes: small bag with sand + 1 000 CZK
• Diplomas and honourable mention: the number is not limited; it depends on decision of the jury.
• Financial awards in CZK are paid to the authors pre-tax and are due to taxation according to the present code.
• Not collected prizes including money awards will not be sent by post and will fail to the organisers.5 - Honorary Presidium
• Tom Zajíček - Member of Parliament of the Czech Republic
• Ing. Miroslav Sládek - Mayor of the Town of Písek• Josef Kobra Kučera - Vice chairman of the Czech Union of Cartoonists6 - Place of action
• Cultural space Sladovna Písek, o.p.s.7 - Calendar
• Announcement: March 2009
• Application closing date: May 22, 2009
• Varnishing day: September 1, 2009. After the open varnishing day there will be a festive evening with the participation of the invited authors, partners and organizers.
• Exhibition: September 1 - 27, 20098 - Jury
• Selection of the cartoons for the exhibition, selection of 40 finalists and conferment of prizes will be performed by an international jury on its special session.
• The Jury consists of: representative of the Town of Písek, Chairman of the Czech Union of Cartoonist and chairman of FECO Czech Republic, maximum two representatives of the Czech Union of Cartoonists, maximum four foreign delegates
• The Jury’s chairman will be chosen from its foreign members in the beginning of jury’s session. The jury members will receive money award according to the agreement of the organizers. This financial award in CZK is paid pre-tax and is due to taxation according to the present code.
• The organizer will cover accommodation for the jury members for one night and foreign members of the jury will be granted the travel expenses in max. sum 100 EUR, paid in CZK according to the current exchange rate.
• Form of jury’s agenda:
a) Selection for the exhibition (standard)
b) Selection of 40 finalists (standard)
c) In the final selection, enclosed boxes will be placed in front of each picture and the jurors will obtain three vessels with accurately measured volume of sand. The jurors will divide this volume of sand into the boxes with maximum of one vessel of sand being given to one cartoon. Each jury member will poor sand individually in one round under the supervision of the jury secretary. The volume of sand will be weighed and according to the weight the placing will be set.
d) In case of the Town of Písek Award the town’s deputy will choose from the final collection.
9 - Catalogue
• The catalogue cartoons will be selected from the final collection. The catalogue has format A5, approximately 148 pages, up to 500 copies.• Each exhibitor will receive one copy of the catalogue, Czech Union of Cartoonists 100 copies, the partners 5 to 20 copies according to their agreement. Each author chosen into the exhibition collection will obtain a catalogue in which all the participants will be named.
• Logos and advertisement are placed in the catalogue according to previous agreement.
10 - Accompanying programme
• Further programme can take place upon proposal of the organisers or the main partner, in case of agreement presentational events of partners and advertisers are possible.11 - Presentation of the partners and advertisers
• The partners and advertisers are by the organisers given space for their logo on the posters, on the reverse of the catalogue and in the exhibition rooms, at http://www.cartoon-pisek.cz/
and http://www.pisek.tv/,
attendance at the varnishing day and the festive evening where contacting the authors is possible.12 – Financing
• Financing of the International Biennale Cartoon Písek is set in separate agreement between the main organiser and the specialized guarantee - the Czech Union of Cartoonists.
13 - Information
• All information is made public on the website www.cartoon-pisek.cz. After each year the information will be saved in the website archives.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

“A Liberdade é um Risco” / Freedom @ Risk (Comemorando o Dia da Liberdade de Expressão)

A FecoPortugal – Associação de Cartoonistas e a Amnistia Internacional – Portugal são co-organizadoras de um programa que assinala, a 3 de Maio de 2009, o Dia da Liberdade de Expressão.
Entre outras iniciativas, o programa contém uma exposição de cartoon subordinada ao título “A Liberdade é um Risco” e cujo conteúdo pretende, através do Humor, fazer reflectir acerca dos valores supremos da comunicação em liberdade.

1 – Tema: “A Liberdade é um Risco”. Cada autor pode abordar a problemática da Liberdade de Expressão, tomando em sentido lato o valor positivo do conceito.
2 – Podem participar artistas profissionais ou amadores, de qualquer nacionalidade.
3 – As obras, que têm de ser criação original de cada autor, podem já ter sido (ou não) publicadas na imprensa ou outros meios de difusão.
4 – Cada autor pode participar com um máximo de três obras, que podem ser Cartoon, Caricatura, Ilustração, ou Banda Desenhada em história de página única, elaborados em qualquer técnica, inclusivamente com recurso a computador, a preto e branco ou cores.
5 – As obras que tiverem texto, devem contê-lo em língua portuguesa.
6 – As obras, que devem ter dimensões A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) ou A3 (29,7 x 42 cm), pode ser enviadas em original para: FecoPortugal – Associação de Cartoonistas
Rua do Alto Vieiro, 544
2400-441 LEIRIA
E aceitam-se envios por e-mail, nos formatos assinalados, em ficheiros JPG com resolução de 300 dpi, para:
7 – O prazo de recebimento das obras termina a 15 de Abril.
8 – Um júri, constituído por cinco elementos, procederá à selecção das obras recebidas, que serão expostas depois de devidamente emolduradas e reproduzidas em catálogo. O júri pode ainda seleccionar um conjunto de obras extra-catálogo, que poderão igualmente ser emolduradas e expostas. Os autores cujas obras seleccionadas e expostas não constem do catálogo, são mencionados nele. O júri será assim constituído: um representante da FecoPortugal, um representante da Amnistia Internacional, um cartoonista convidado, um investigador da área do cartoon e um profissional da escrita.
9 – Todos os autores de obras seleccionadas para exposição, receberão um exemplar do catálogo.
10 – As obras que forem enviadas por correio tradicional, devem trazer no verso: Nome da obra, nome do autor, endereço postal, telefone e e-mail. As que vierem por correio electrónico, devem trazer as mesmas informações em ficheiro anexo.
11 – Um curriculum resumido deve acompanhar as obras, em folha ou documento anexo.
12 – A exposição será inaugurada na “Casa do Artista” (Lisboa) a 3 de Maio, Dia da Liberdade de Expressão, complementada com outras iniciativas (designadamente retrospectivas sobre Caricatura/Censura e debate subordinado ao mesmo tema). Ficará exposta durante duas semanas, após o que inicia um período de itinerância que não ultrapassará oito meses.
13 – Terminada a itinerância, os originais serão devolvidos aos autores. Não são devolvidos aqueles que forem recebidos por via informática.
14 – A organização não se responsabiliza por eventuais danos ocorridos durante o transporte postal.
15 – A participação dos autores implica a aceitação do conteúdo deste regulamento e a cedência de direitos de autor à organização, apenas para difusão informativa e promocional do evento e edição do catálogo, bem como exposição itinerante durante os oito meses seguintes à inauguração. Essas utilizações, que não possuem nenhuma finalidade lucrativa, não implicam qualquer pagamento aos autores.

Freedom @ Risk
Commemorating Freedom of Expression Day.
FECO PORTUGAL (Cartoonist association) and Amnesty International (Portugal), are co-organizers, of a cartoon exhibition, which runs on May 3th, 2009.
Beside other events, program includes a cartoon exhibit targeting trough humor, the supreme values of freedom of expression and speech.

1- Theme: “Freedom at risk”. Each artist is free to approach the concept of Expression Freedom in all.
2- The exibition is opened to all nationalities, professionals or amateurs.
3-All the proposed drawings must be originals, no matter of prior publication or exhibit.
4- Maximum of 3 works is allowed per artist, in any way such as the following: cartoon, caricatures and graphic story (the last one, not exceeding one page). Any technique is permitted including the computer generated.
5- Drawings containing text must be in Portuguese language.
6- Drawing size permitted are A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) and A3 (29,7 x 42 cm), originals (if send, by traditional mail), to:FecoPortugal – Associação de Cartoonistas
Rua do Alto Vieiro, 544
2400-441 LEIRIA
or by e-mail, using JPEG file at 300 dpi to:
7- Entry dead line is April 15 – 2009.
8- Drawings will be selected by a Jury composed by 5 elements. Afterwards all works will proceed to an open exhibit properly framed. A catalog is also available. Jury reserves the right to choose a set of works extra-catalog, to be exhibit as well. Non-selected works for the catalog will be mentioned at the same. Jury is composed by a FECOPORTUGAL member, Amnesty International member, one cartoonist, one cartoonist researcher and one writing author.
9- Every selected artist will be given one catalog copy.
10-Drawings sended by traditional mail, must contain the following information: artist´s name, complete address, telephone number and e-mail. If send by e-mail, same is applied as above in an attached file, such as Word.
11- Short curriculum must be included along with the proposed work in paper or computer file.
12-The exhibition will be inaugurated at the “Casa do Artista” (Lisbon) at May 3th, Freedom of Expression Day, complemented with other initiatives such as debates and retrospectives on Caricatures and Censorship. Exhibit is staying on place for about two weeks and after that, will go on an itinerancy, not exceeding eight months.
13- All originals will be returned as soon as itinerancy ends. The works send by e-mail, will not.
14 - Organization is not responsible for any damage caused to the works due to mishandle during transportation by mail.
15- Artist’s participation implies accepting the rules and surrender the works for advertising and promotional basis of the event and the catalog publishing as well as the exhibit itinerancy for the eight months as mentioned above. No payments will be made to the participants nor will either any profit result for the organization.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exhibition in Buenos Aires . Theme: " Organic, healthy and natural life/food"

Dear Everybody :
I invite you to take part in an exhibition of cartoons about organic natural life and organic and healthy food.
The City Hall of San Isidro, the town where I live , lends me the walls of an exhibition of organic grocers and natural foods and cosmetics.
There will be no catalogue, not awards, not diplomas . Only your presence in San Isidro, Buenos Aires through your works .
The place is a 300 years old house in a very touristic colonial town , in front of the Gothic Cathedral where my parents got married and I was baptized .
I only may send you a lot of thanks , press clipping and photos of the exhibition.
THE IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS IS that I presented a plan of making a Museum of Humor here .
I told the Culture Secretary ´s people that I may donate thousand of catalogues , original cartoons and be in charge of a permanent and rotating international exhibition if they give me the place .
And they want to see , in this weekend of organic foods , if that could be possible ...and if that attracts the public! You don´t have to work extra : you may send old works, related with ecology or nature , by email to me.
The exhibition is on 18th April, please send them well before that date. And consider this is Argentina, where everybody promises and then it´s delayed , and later " it couldn´t be done because of lack of budget, lack of place , etc , etc" ...
But I believe in miracles!
THANK YOU, let´s hope the Museum of Humor in San Isidro will come a reality.
Best regards,
Ana von Rebeur anavon@hotmail.com
Some photos of San Isidro : http://www.buenosaires.travel/San_Isidro_1.aspx

Friday, March 06, 2009

II Concurs Caragoler / II the Snail's Contest - Humoralia Fecoll

Hola amics,
us passo les bases del II Concurs Caragoler que organitza la Fecoll i Humoràlia.Us les envio en català, castellà i anglès. Feu-ne difussió, si us plau.Atenció que no hi ha massa temps per participar ja que el termini per lliurar els dibuixos acaba l'1 d'abril.
Hola amigos, os paso las bases del II Concurso Caracolero que organiza la Fecoll y Humoràlia. Os las envio en catalán, castellano e inglés. Haced difusión, por favor.Atencion que no hay mucho tiempo para participar ya que el plazo para entregar dibujos acaba el 1 de abril.
Hello friends, I delivery the rules for II the Snail's Contest that organizes the Fecoll and Humoràlia in Catalan, Spanish and English . You make diffusion, please. Attention that is not long time to participate since the term to give drawings finishes the 1 of April.

6º Concurso Internacional de Ilustração de Dinossauros - Lourinhã 2009

1. Tema: Dinossauros e outros animais extintos. As ilustrações podem representar reconstituições de vida dos animais, eventualmente no seu meio ambiente, ou fósseis encontrados.
2. Identificação: As ilustrações devem ser acompanhadas de documento que identifique clara e inequivocamente o autor e onde constem o nome, idade, e-mail, telefone, morada e país. No título da obra devem constar os nomes das espécies ilustradas.
3. Participação: Todas as pessoas, de nacionalidade Portuguesa ou estrangeiras, com mais de 15 anos podem concorrer.
4. Dimensões e técnicas: A dimensão mínima é 148 x 210 mm (5.83 x 8,27 polegadas). Não há dimensão máxima. Preferem-se trabalhos emoldurados, embora a moldura seja opcional. Todas as técnicas de ilustração e materiais são aceites. Valoriza-se a entrega, junto com a obra, de CD com a digitalização da mesma.
5. Imagens digitais: As imagens digitais devem ter a definição mínima de 300 dpi, tamanho real, não comprimido. Além do CD-ROM deve ser enviada uma cópia impressa. Este material não será devolvido.
6. Critérios de selecção das obras: As obras são seleccionados pelo seu rigor científico e qualidade das técnicas utilizadas. Obras submetidas a anteriores edições do CIID não são admissíveis.
São critérios de preferência: .. Ilustrações de espécies portuguesas
.. Animais em reconstituição de vida enquadrados no seu ambiente.
7. Calendário: .. Entrega das obras a concurso: até 31 Maio de 2009.
.. Exposição e anúncio dos resultados: até 31 de Julho de 2009.
8. Prémios: Os prémios são entregues em Euros.
1º prémio 1000 €
2º prémio 500 €
3º prémio 250 €
5 menções honrosas 50 € cada
Dois dos prémios são reservados a ilustrações de fósseis.
9. Envio das obras: As obras podem ser enviadas por correio, a expensas do autor, ou entregues por mão própria no Museu da Lourinhã. Não são aceites obras enviadas por e-mail.
Morada para envio: CIID 2009 - Museu da Lourinhã Rua João Luís de Moura, 95
2530-158 Lourinhã
Notas: 1. O GEAL - Museu da Lourinhã não se responsabiliza por danos ou extravio do material enviado a concurso. Alertam-se os concorrentes para que devem providenciar um bom acondicionamento no caso de transporte por correio. Em edições anteriores do concurso foram recebidos muitas obras danificadas durante o transporte. 2. De forma a evitar pesadas taxas alfandegárias aconselha-se a que as obras sejam declaradas "sem valor comercial" e como "doação" ou “empréstimo”. A organização não cobre taxas alfandegárias.
10. Devolução das obras: As obras serão devolvidas: a partir de Novembro de 2009 e poderão ser levantadas na morada de entrega ou devolvidas por correio. Não são cobertas despesas alfandegárias, seguros ou custos de devolução das obras superiores a €40,00 (Quarenta Euros).
11. Júri: O júri é composto por Miguel Telles Antunes (paleontólogo), Fernando Correia (biólogo e ilustrador científico), Nuno Farinha (biólogo e ilustrador científico), Octávio Mateus (paleontólogo e organização), José Projecto (pintor) e Simão Mateus (ilustrador). A decisão do júri é final e não admite recurso. O júri reserva-se ainda o direito de não atribuir um ou mais dos prémios se a qualidade dos trabalhos assim o justificar. O concurso só se realizará caso haja um mínimo de dez concorrentes com submissões válidas.
12. Direitos de reprodução: Ao apresentar uma obra a concurso o autor está implicitamente a aceitar o presente regulamento e a conferir ao GEAL - Museu da Lourinhã os direitos, não exclusivos, de reprodução da obra, e divulgação do concurso, incluindo, mas não exclusivamente, em livros, Internet, material promocional, edições, publicações apoio museológico e estudos científicos, comprometendo-se o GEAL a mencionar sempre o respectivo autor.

GEAL - Museu da Lourinhã
Rua João Luís de Moura, 95
2530-158 Lourinhã
Tel.: [+351] 261 413 995
E-mail: geral@museulourinha.org

Thursday, March 05, 2009

3rd Cyprus Cartoon Contest 2009

with theme: Financial Crisis
Cyprus Cultural Association is inviting cartoonists worldwide to take part in the 3rd CYPRUS CARTOON CONTEST.REGULATIONS
1) The theme is: "Financial Crisis"
2) Each cartoonist may submit up to 3 cartoons, without captions, size A4 (210X297).
3) Only original cartoons will be accepted.
4) Cartoonists can use any techniques they like.
5) Name and address should be written on the reverse side of each cartoon.
6) The decisions of the jury are final and cannot be appealed.
7) A catalogue will be sent only to the cartoonists who will be included in the catalogue.
8) Entry deadline is the 10th of April 2009
9) The exhibition will be held in May 2009. The winners will be announced at the opening ceremony.
10) The cartoons will not be returned. All participating cartoons will become property of the association and may be used for promotional and other purposes.
11) Participation in this contest, means acceptance of the rules.
12) Entries should be sent to:
P.O.Box 22052 CY1517 Nicosia, CYPRUS
Contacts: geocartoons@gmail.com

Festival Internacional de Desenhos Zemst "Eve Sports" BÉLGICA

Prazo Final: 30 de Março de 2009
1. Tema: “Desporto"
2. O número de inscrições é limitado até 5 desenhos. Eles não devem ter sido publicados ou exibidos antes.
3. As obras têm que ser enviadas para o seguinte endereço: SPORTIMONIUM
Bloso-Domein, à atenção de Kelly Van Laethem, Trianondreef 19, 1981 Hofstade-Zemst - Bélgica
4. Os desenhos deverão ter as seguintes dimensões: 210 x 297 mm. As obras não deverão ser dobradas ou amassadas nem estarem presas a um papel maior. O desenho deve conter, no verso, o apelido, o nome e o endereço do participante. Os desenhos não devem conter legendas.
5. Em virtude da sua participação, os artistas autorizam os organizadores a publicar algumas das suas obras recebidas.
6. Estão previstos os seguintes prêmios: - 600,00 euros + troféu
- 400,00 euros + troféu
- 250,00 euros + troféu.
7. Prémio do Público: 150,00 euros.
8. Ao participar do participante empresta suas obras para os organizadores da exposição. As obras recebidas permanecerão à disposição dos organizadores durante um ano, até agosto 2011.
9. As obras só serão enviadas de volta pelos organizadores se receberem uma solicitação escrita. Os trabalhos premiados passarão a ser propriedade dos organizadores.
10. Prazo de entrega: 30 de março de 2009
11. Exposição: 3 de julho a 30 de agosto de 2009. Abertura Sexta-feira, 2 julho 2009 às 8 hrs.